Sunday, 5 February 2012

What a Ham!

Today was Ethan's first Superbowl.  From the picture, you can see how excited he was when I told him - decked out in his little football sleeper.

Well, he slept through most of it.  In fact, he slept the entire day.  It went something like this:

9:30am Ethan finally wakes up.  (No, I'm not complaining but I kinda sit there and wait so I can run and get the bottle ready!)
11;00am Ethan goes down for a half hour nap
12:30pm The family all goes for a walk. Ethan is fussy but mostly asleep
1:30pm  We all head out to Costco.  Ethan slept since the walk and all the way until we got to my mom's house.  (Had to wake him to feed him)
3:00pm Ethan is asleep in car seat so we put him in his room.
7:00pm  Mom goes upstairs and starts putting Ethan's laundry away, turns light on, makes noise.  Ethan is snoring away.  Mom finally has to wake him up.
8:00pm Ethan is getting his bath and getting relaxed for bed
9:15pm Ethan is down for the night.
10:10pm Ethan wakes up for 5 minutes.  Needs comfort.  Gets dreamfeed and back down for the night.

I am hoping he sleeps now and doesn't keep waking up.  He slept so much today, and isn't used to doing that, so I am a bit concerned for the middle of the night.  Thank goodness freshly expressed breast milk stays good for 6 hours otherwise I think we would have a very upset baby if he has to wait for his food since he probably will be waking up for a feed!

I almost didn't know what to do with myself.  I'm not used to having that much time to myself!  Ryan and I got the house cleaned up and laundry done.  Saves me from doing in tomorrow on Mommy Monday.  Now I can focus on organizing some drawers that are long overdue in the kitchen!

Sleeping in so late made me super sleepy all day as well. Again, I'm NOT complaining, it's just a fact that I am stating.  I messed up on my pumping schedule today so I have to stay up until midnight to get a pump in before I go to bed.  One more hour to go...I hope  ;)

Tomorrow night we are working on an earlier bedtime.  I think 9pm is good time to work on.  Eventually we want 8pm but I want to do it gradually.  I was a bit worried about it, but after tonight going down at 9:15pm, it wasn't so bad.  He did wake up but that isn't necessarily from going to bed earlier (probably is though).  Ryan is on afternoons so it will keep me occupied and give me something to do :)  I'll be sure to update!

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