Thursday, 23 February 2012

And so the Breastfeeding Saga continues....

I had some more help with breastfeeding today.  My helper came by to see Ethan and I and to check out the breastfeeding situation again.  To be honest I stopped doing it for a couple weeks because I didn't think things were doing good.  Well, low and behold, Ethan was a star and nursed amazingly.  He nursed for 10 minutes and was extremely satisfied - so much  that he was smiling and cooing while on my breast still.

I did not know his signs of satisfaction, or his signs of wanting to switch breasts.  I also believe that chiropractic helps immensely.  He would only nurse from my left side and now he asked to go to the right.... yes.... if you place your baby in the middle of your chest he will choose which side he wants.  Then when he fusses and comes off one side, and you put him back to the middle, he will go to the right.  Amazing what human instincts can tell us!

So he was satisfied.  Not overfed or underfed.  When he fussed a half hour later, she suggested that I try to put him on again.  I did, he drank, then screamed and cried.  My first reaction is "he hates my breast".  In reality, he was tired and wanted his pacifier to suck on.  So, we gave it to him, changed him and he is now napping.

I'm really hoping this continues because this is what I have always wanted to do.  I say I don't like it and that it's a lot of work, etc... but in all honestly, this is what I want to do for my baby.  The bonus: he takes well to the bottle and we have no problems interchanging from breast to bottle so that makes me happy too!

I'm working on my cloth diapering post - just waiting to take a few more photos to coincide with the descriptions on what I'm doing :)

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