Thursday, 16 February 2012


Ryan and I went shopping in the states today.  We went to Target, Somerset Collection, and Whole Foods. It was a good day but honestly, I was so ready to go home and pick up my little bug! I missed him :S.

I didn't buy too much really  -  groceries, diapers, a shirt for myself....that's really all.

We had our parents over for dinner tonight.  Ryan has been aging beef for 35 days at a time for the past few months, so we look forward to these steak feasts.  It was so good but I think I'm beefed out for a little while!

I am very tired today.  I'm not used to shopping for that length of time (5 hours).  Let me tell you, I was ready to come home and pump! OMG! Not fun!  Now I'm looking forward to going to bed (5 more minutes of pumping).  I've reduced my pumping time to 5 minutes at my 3am pumping session.  Pretty soon I will no longer have to pump in the middle of the night!  Oh how joyful that is going to be! I figure I'll get 6-7 hours of straight sleep.  That makes me happy and excited.

I did not take a single picture today so I'm sorry but no pics of the little man!

Good night! Can't wait to dream - or even just close my eyes :D

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