Monday, 27 February 2012

12 Weeks

These are the many faces of Ethan.  He goes from one extreme to the next in about 60 seconds lol.

I forgot to post yesterday - if you don't know, I fell and hurt my back and neck very badly (no dogs or babies were injured, just myself thank goodness).  So I've been hitting the Ibuprophin and Arnica and bean bag heating devices.  I'm feeling better and hoping it goes away soon.  But I'll definitely be needing some massage therapy in the near future.  Anyway.... because of all this I laid down last night and wasn't getting up.

Ethan is 12 Weeks old (Saturday) !!  I have been looking forward to this magical number of weeks and looking for the crying to stop, the giggling to start, and the sleeping to follow suit.  Well GUESS WHAT!  It's happening.  It has been happening over the past week and a half actually. Now, we still have a lot of crying, but it's predictable and I know when and usually why it's going to start.  The laughing is insane!  I have to figure out how to post it online soon because you all have to see how darn cute it is!  He is a napping champ and has slept an average of 9 or 10 hours straight.  (No feed or anything).

Breastfeeding is going awesome.  He still gets a bottle, but he gets 2-3 as opposed to 6-7 a day.  I find he nurses VERY well in the early morning (3:30am) and in the morning as well (6am).  As the day progresses he gets a bit crankier and it's harder for him to stay focused.  We are only trying to "top up" with a bottle, but if we are somewhere then he just gets a bottle because I am not there yet to whip my boob out to him and feed away.

I did a test this morning because I am still scared he isn't getting enough milk just from me.  In the early morning (it's 7am now) I generally pump about 8 - 9 ounces of milk in a 20 minute span.  Generally after a breastfeeding session I only pump for 8 minutes (weaning myself the pump), but I am pumping 20 minutes today to see what he drank, and low and behold, he drank  3-4 oz.  I'm glad I didn't give him a "top up" bottle because that milk would have been everywhere lol.

He is now grabbing things and bringing them to him mouth a lot finger, my shirt, his towel, his diaper...yes....EVERYTHING.  It's so amazing to see these little beings grow and learn and become someone of their own!  I know it happens every day, and even I went through these growth stages but it seriously floors me that I created this little guy and I am teaching him all these wonderful things :)

Today is not really a "Mommy Monday".  He is not at Nona's house today.  Some things came up.  But Grama is going to watch him for a couple hours.  This is good because then I can get my things done (like my Glucose test - uuugh!  It's a follow up appointment with the Endocrinologist) and then we can work on breastfeeding some more.  I really don't want him to have a bottle for the entire afternoon if we are just starting to establish it now.

Well, I'm heading to bed for hopefully another couple of hours!  It's so nice getting 4 hour blocks of sleep.  I almost don't know what to do with myself lol.

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