Friday, 3 February 2012

Oh how things change

So, despite my best efforts in breastfeeding, it's just not working out the way I like.  I think I'm just set in my ways with pumping and bottle feeding.  I am so uncomfortable during the day because I don't feel "drained" enough and he is a bit of a cranky pants.  I think he is only getting foremilk because he poops a lot and that's not normal for him.  He is still gassy and such, so it's not making a difference.  Plus he feeds a lot more frequently (I know now I'm just complaining!), and I find it very uncomfortable for the both of us. We are both happy with the bottle!  He just has to learn to wait for it to warm up :D

Onto other news.....

I have seen such a huge change in him this last week.  He is always smiling and starting to get somewhat of a giggle.  It's really cute.  He is napping a bit better - I use the term 'bit' loosely.  I still get 1/2 hour naps but I can put him right back down for another half hour nap when he wakes up.  He still has his fussy time between 5-8, but that seems to be getting better as well.  I can calm him down and get him smiling again.  After bath time, there is usually another meltdown and then we are good for the night.

Tonight is date night with Ryan and I.  We are going to Vito's Italian Eatery.  I'm surprised I got a reservation for tonight - usually we have to book 3 days in advance!  I'm looking forward to it.  Nonna is watching him and is getting him ready for bed.  This way, we can take him out of the  car seat and directly in mommy's arms to drift away to dreamland!

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