Saturday, 11 February 2012

New Toys & Updates.

We bought Ethan some new toys yesterday.  We got him a playard and a vibrating bouncey chair.  The playard he loves, loves, loves.  So much in fact that he took a 3 hour nap in it!  The bassinet part vibrates, and that calms him right away.

 The bouncey chair, he likes but it doesn't last too long.  It probably will last long enough for us to eat dinner together.

He slept last night pretty good.  He was at Nona's for a few hours and was quite content that entire way home and when we came home.He did wake up a few times (probably from smacking himself in the face with his loose arms!) but he fell asleep right away.  He woke up at 3am / 6am / 8am.  He had full feeds for all wake ups so I am thinking another possible growth spurt.

I have been scalding my milk that I am going to freeze.  So far, so good.  I have a "test" bottle that I am testing for a 24 hour period.  At 11am this morning it still tasted fine (I defrosted it last night at 4pm).  So I am going to taste again at 3:30 and see if it spoiled or not.  I'm thinking we are good but I still have to see.

Breastfeeding is still continuing and going well.  We are at 5 minutes on breast per feeding.  It averages about 1 - 2 ounces.  I am very happy about this.  I hope we can make it to being exclusive - or at least almost exclusive.

He is really starting to hold and grasp onto things now.  Today he was reaching for his mobile.  I don't know if he actually was doing that but it looked like it!

I think that's it.  Not much going on today.  I am crocheting some things for props for photos.  I plan on doing those tomorrow so I have to get my butt in gear and get those things made.  It's easy to crochet when he is sleeping or with me in my moby wrap (like right now)

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