Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Stomach Bug??

My little munchkin isn't feeling well today.  I think he has a little stomach bug.  He slept all day and hardly ate and after each feed he had a poop.

Then I had an attack too, so that's why I'm thinking it's a stomach bug.

He was in pretty good spirits for most of the day though (when he wasn't sleeping!).  He had some fun time with dad.
But he definitely had "fussy time" tonight.  And of course, Grama & Grampa came back from vacation and hadn't seen him for 2 weeks, and he was not a happy camper.

Bedtime was a bit rough.  He went down right away but woke up crying.  Took a good half hour to calm him and get him back to sleep.  I am sitting downstairs and I hear him up periodically.  No crying just fussing.  Poor bug!

He is really getting addicted to watching television.  I think we have to put a stop to this!  But hey, at least he is watching the news!
On a happy note, "Colitis Boy" aka Paco is feeling much better.  His medicine has kicked in and he is back to normal.  (If you didn't know, Paco got colitis due to his vaccinations - he is a stressball with a nervous stomach and it irritated him).  And yes, he ALWAYS sits like this.  Weirdo lol.  They are having a sleepover at Grama & Grampa's house.  They miss it there considering they are usually there once or twice a week.  Yep - part time dogs lol!


  1. aww poor baby and puppy, what a lot on your hands! hope that Ethan gets over his bug soon

    My little guy has been sleeping ALL day/night for the last three days.