Monday, 29 April 2013

New Stuff for Baby Q!

We basically have all that we need for when Quintin makes his grand arrival, but there are a few things that I wanted to buy / needed - just from my experience with Ethan.  

We were graciously lended and/or given some big ticket items from some great friends.  These include a bassinet, a swing and a Jumparoo.  Why do you ask?  Well the bassinet - these are just stupid expensive and why not share and borrow!  They only use it for a few weeks.  The swing, well, if you knew Ethan, you know that he was held for THREE MONTHS STRAIGHT!  So I would not dare buy another one lol.  We have the stupid Mamaroo that Q will probably hate as well....   The last thing that was given to us was the Jumparoo.  Ethan LOVED it (we didn't have one, just used everybody elses when we went to their houses) and we no longer have the Exersaucer, so this will do both ! 

Now onto the purchases:  I'll explain what it is, what it's used for and why (most are self explanatory!) 

MEDELA FREESTYLE - I wanted a new pump and one that would get the job done quickly and easily.  Considering Ethan is going to still be under 2 years old, I need something that is small and portable and hands free.  It was definitely an investment but will be well worth it and well needed.  

MEDELA CALMA NIPPLE - I have the bottles that come with the pump (plus the ones from my other pump), but I wanted to try this nipple because apparently it's an easy transition from breast to bottle as it mimics the way the milk comes out. I found this brand new, sealed on Kijiji for half the price of what it sells for in stores.  If it works out well, I'll keep scoping out Kijiji for more unused nipples :) 


NURSING PILLOW - THE MOMBO - I didn't specifically want this pillow, I just wanted whatever was on sale and I saw this one and thought it was cute.  I don't nurse with these bulky pillows, I find it difficult.  A good ol' pillow works for me.  I do however like the nursing pillows to support baby or lay baby down, and this one has a vibrating mechanism that you insert inside the pillow.  Ethan loved his pillow (Oh, why did I get rid of it - who knows, I have no idea...because even if I never used it for him it's great for newborn photography!).  

NEWBORN CLOTH DIAPERS & INSERTS - Since we couldn't use our Grovia diapers with Ethan until he was 3 months old, and even then they were big on him, I decided to buy newborn cloth diapers.  I found 6 covers on Kijiji (that explains the pink one!).  They are Bummis Super Bright covers and the inserts I purchased off online - a natural cotton prefold.  (Sorry I don't know the brand).  

PAMPERS SENSITIVE DISPOSABLE DIAPERS - I like to use disposables during the night, and I always had success with Ethan using Pampers.  Ethan has never had a diaper rash, and we still use disposable at night with him so I have faith in Pampers!!

LANSINOH BREAST PADS - These are my favorite.  I have tried so many and these are discrete and don't show through your bra.  

NUBY FUN LINKS - I've learned after having Ethan that these are good for EVERYTHING.  Attaching toys to the car seat, chew toys, purse hangers for the stroller.... everything I tell ya, everything.

GUMDROP PACIFIERS - I only bought one pack of these because who knows if Baby Q will even like a paci.  Ethan uses the Avent Soothies and personally they are my favorite, but I saw these and they are very similar to the Soothie except they are not circular, which will differentiate the two and when it drops it won't roll under the crib every time!  Ideally it would be nice to get Ethan out of a soother, but I don't think that's happening for awhile.  We reserve it for bedtime and naps only, so it's a start! 

SOFT BLANKET - sorry no name brand.  I found it at Winners and it is similar to the one Ethan has - it's great for winter time and just for cuddling.

BURP CLOTH - CARTER'S - I picked these up at Target and I like the contour of them better than a receiving blanket.  I bought some receiving blankets as well, but I really like these for "burping the baby" :) 

RECEIVING BLANKETS - CARTER'S - I bought these from Target as well.  They say receiving blankets, but they are a lot thicker than a receiving blanket would be - so I am just going to use it as a light weight blanket.

CRIB - We got the same crib as Ethans, on Kijiji, for 1/3 of the price.  I don't have a photo of the crib (well I do but I don't feel like going through digital albums to find one!).  

RUMBLE SEAT FOR UPPA BABY - We have an Uppa Baby Stroller and there is an attachment to turn it into a double stroller, which is called a Rumble Seat.  We haven't ordered it yet, but when we plan our next trip to the states, we will put one on order with Buy Buy Baby.  (The link is to the blog but you can see how it acts on the stroller).

So that is it, so far.  Of course I got some new clothes as well for the summer months, since Ethan was a Winter baby, but most of the clothes, I have more than enough from Ethan to use in the months to come!  

I'll do a post on Baby Essentials (in my opinion of course) in the near future! 

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Not too much to report....

I don't have much to report.  So I guess I'll just update on my pregnancy.  Sorry no photos.... no need for those :)

I am now 25 weeks along (I look like I'm 35 weeks along).

I am loving both of my midwives and happy to leave my OB.  (I have 2 midwives because I am going to deliver sometime in the summer and they take a lot of vacations so I will get whichever is on call that week).  They are both fantastic and wonderful, they listen to me and we chat about pregnancy, food, kids, work, etc.  I swear they are like a friend to me.

My sugars are great.  They are cooperating.  I still have some time to go but I got some good advice from my midwives so I am going to go on a bit of a "low carb" diet - meaning no processed crap, breads, pasta (well sometimes), etc.  My focus is going to be on vegetables, fruit, protein (meat, tofu), and nuts and seeds for my snacks.

Baby Q (Quintin if you don't know already), is doing great.  He is getting into his wake/sleep patterns.  He is awake from 9:30pm - 10:30pm.  Then he thankfully sleeps when I sleep.  He is awake at 5:30/6:00am for about 15 minutes, and then randomly during the day.  He's kicking up a storm and makes me cough sometimes.  You can really see him kicking too.  Funny story: I was at an appointment yesterday and the midwife was listening to his heartbeat.  Well he kept moving away from the doppler, so she actually pinned him down in my belly.  I couldn't stop laughing!  She mapped him out where he was laying and it was exactly where I felt he was - I thought that was pretty cool.

New items bought:  I really don't need much for this little guy, but I did buy a few things that I needed. I will do a separate post once everything is organized and set and once I take photos of everything, but he has his summer wardrobe and oh my goodness is it ever cute.  Lots of creepers from Carters, a couple outfits and lots of sleepers.  A lot was from Ethan (sleepers and onesies), but I did get a few things that he needs to keep cool in the summer months.

I seem to still have some bursts of energy.  I hope it lasts another few weeks at least.  Ryan and I are going to Chicago for 3 days to get away and have a mini vacation.  We are taking the train so I hope it goes well!  We got a great deal on a 5* hotel through and a nice discount on the train tickets as well.  Now it's just everything else that we have to worry about!

Pregnancy Stats Overview:

Weeks: 25
Weight Gain: 18 lbs
Sugars: Good
Cravings: Salty foods
Aversions: Stirfry (weird I know)
Energy Levels:  Moderate
Bedtime: 11pm

I'm posting this to see how much it changes over the weeks!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

There's a party in my belly

Not really too much to report other than a SUPER ACTIVE baby Q right now.  He does not stop kicking and stretching and hiccupping!  Ethan was the same way but I don't remember him being this crazy this early.  I don't mind really, but sometimes it really hurts!  It's physically noticeable to see him moving now because my belly moves with his kicks.  I am happy that he is head down - been that way for a couple weeks now.  At my 20 week scan he was "breech" and although I am very well aware that they flip constantly, it was still in the back of my mind that he may stay that way.  Well he seems to like it head down now - how do I know he's down?  Well the constant kicks in the ribs!

I have started very early this time with Braxton Hicks contractions as well - not painful, but most definitely uncomfortable.  I'd like to believe that this means Baby Q will come early as well.... but I think that's just a personal hope :)

I am continuing to round out, but again, I don't feel as large as I was with Ethan.  I have gained about 10 lbs so far and I am in my 23rd week.... I think that's pretty good.  I know, I know, why am I worrying about my weight right!  Well, I kinda have to because I am REALLY trying to prevent insulin injections with my mild case of diabetes.  I do not want a "high risk" pregnancy and as long as I control with diet and exercise, I am not considered high risk.

We are on full throttle organization and getting the house complete before Baby Q comes.  There really isn't too much left to do, just 3 major things.  I have decided to make the bedding for new baby as well. I found a PERFECT fabric for it and it is on it's way!  You can see the beautiful fabric HERE.  The company is Monaluna and it's the Fox Hollow print.  It's a bundle of 10 1/2 yard fabrics!  It's organic as well and made in her barn!  So with it, I am making the baby quilt and the bed skirt, plus some newborn bibs, maybe a baby shirt and just other random things.  I am very excited!

I went though all of Ethan 0-3 month clothing and oh my word he has the CUTEST selection!  I must have been way too tired to notice lol.  I am lucky that I don't really have to get anything other than a few summer rompers for him because the rest will fit him perfectly.  I thought I would have to buy 6-12 month clothing as well (as Ethan was in summer clothes by then, and Q will be in winter cothes) but for some reason I have a lot that will be good for him too!

We still have to buy a crib mattress and that is pretty much all we need.  We are still trying to figure out sleeping situations for the first few months until he goes into Ethans bed.  At first I joked that Q could sleep in the hallway in a bassinet outside our room- but then I started to think that it's probably a good idea after a couple weeks so he doesn't constantly smell my milk and wake up ;).  Plus Ethan can slowly get used to his cries as well..... We will see.... I still have 4 months to think about it :D

That's all I've got for you!  Sorry no pictures again, I will have to work on that a bit better.  Ethan is so active that I barely have time to think about grabbing the camera!  And now his nap is over and it's time to play all over again!