Friday, 29 July 2011

It's a Boy!

We are proud to announce that Baby D is going to be a baby boy! It was so exciting to see every little part of him - from head to toe.

The ultrasound was a good 45 minutes and the technician was very nice.  When it came to determining the sex, his little boy parts were very clear and easy to see...

From what the tech said, without saying too much, everything looks good and the size of him is right on tract with my due date.  My due date has changed to December 17th, however, that was the original due date that was given to me.

We had our parents and some close friends over tonight to celebrate and reveal what the gender of the baby was and everything went well and as planned.  They were generous enough to bring some gifts as well, totally unexpected but very appreciated :)

Here are a few pictures of tonights events.
Grandma & Nonna reveal the baby's sex

Party People!

Me & my mom

Me and Ryan

Rocking Horse gift from my parents

Some cute pj's from Italy from my mom
Gift from Ryan's parents

Blanket, Rattle and Sleepers from Ronda & Nathan

Friday, 22 July 2011

Cloth Diapers & Vacation!!!

So we (I) officially decided to go with cloth diapers - they are pretty cool, nothing like they used to be, no straight cloths and baby pins.  Now they come with snaps, waterproof outer shell and elastic all around the legs!!  I know, there will be lots of wash, but if it's better for the environment and my baby's bum, then I'm okay with it!

My mother in law (Linda) and I went to BUMP MATERNITY+ BABY on Wyandotte Street and talked to the owner (I think).  She was very knowledgeable about the diapers.  The brand I'm going with is GroVia and has awesome reviews.  The drawback is to buy a set it's quite expensive, but I'm going to register for it, and people can put a bit towards the set.  Whatever isn't bought, I can buy the rest for 10% off.  And there's tons of super cute prints and colors!  She said it will last for the next baby (s) as well !  If you want to see what it's all about, you can go on their website HERE.

They also carry a line called DIMPLESKINS.  It's all natural and no preservatives, parabens and zinc free - which works perfectly with cloth diapers, so there's no barrier and less mess (always a bonus!)  I first saw this brand in Vancouver, when my brother was living there, and said I wanted to get the line to use for my baby when we had one.  So of course, when I went online to the store that sold it, they no longer had the line, or any baby stuff for that matter.  So I was going to order online directly from the manufacturer, but to my surprise, Bump carried it!

Now that you have all the knowledge you need about cloth diapers and bum cream....onto something really exciting lol.

For my birthday/babymoon, Ryan and I are going to Vegas!  We are staying at Hard Rock Hotel.  It looks awesome and the pool looks wonderful!  We have been a few times, so we are just going to go for rest and relaxation :)  oh and eating and shopping haha!  It will be a good time and nice to get away, and the bonus is that it's super cheap to go away that time of year!  The only drawback is that it's off the strip, but not that far of a walk, so worst case is we take a cab (hehe probably all the time!!)

Well my next post will be revealing the sex of our Baby D!  Let's all cross our fingers that he/she cooperates because I want to start buying gender specific clothing, and not gender neutral!!!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Second Prenatal Appointment

So I had my second appointment yesterday.  All seems to be well.  He just did an overall check and asked questions about how things were going etc...  he did the sonogram and the heartbeat was still in the 160's and said that was good and location of the uterus is good too.

I got myself a doula since I am planning to go totally natural.  Before you go thinking I'm trying to be a "hero", I am not doing it because of that.  Physically and mentally I feel that I can do this, and with a coach for myself and Ryan, I am confident that I can go through with it.  There is a lot of benefits to going natural (and with epidural the benefit is definitely no pain!!!), including a 50% less chance of cesarean sections and that is my decision.  In the end, if it fails, then the epidural is always there for me to take.  My thoughts are that I don't judge women who get an epidural, and therefore I expect that people would not judge me for going natural :)

I am slowly working on the registry. I registered at Babies 'r' Us and sears.  What's nice is that I can do it all online.  There are a few things that I want to go to the stores to look at - particularly the furniture, monitor, breast pump, stroller and playard.  I still have time to do that, and I may wait until I find out the sex so I can "accidentally" pick up a few things :D

Speaking of gender, we have our ultrasound in two weeks - July 29th.  We are soooo excited to find out what little Baby D is!

He/She is still very active. I felt a lot of fetal movements today - wasn't really feeling too many for a few days but they are back and I'm not complaining!!  

Our master bedroom is almost complete.  Should be done just in time for when we find out the sex so I can pick the wallpaper out for the nursery.  Then we can work on the nursery :)  There isn't too much to do in there - basically just the wallpaper, trim and some shelving in the closet.

And on that note, it's time for me to go to bed - tiredness seems to take over after 8pm :)