Monday, 13 February 2012

Mommy (and Daddy) Monday

Today was Mommy AND Daddy day. Ryan is on vacation so we spent most of the day together.

I went to Weight Watchers and - Oh My Word I lost 2.3 pounds!  I think that's great considering I didn't track this week.  I just watched what I ate and did a few yoga classes and walks.

So after weight watchers I went to the gym to get some treadmill time in.

Ryan and I went for lunch at Chanosos and got the "Grilled Bread with Funky Spreads" and some yummy stirfry's.

After we came home and tidied up a bit.  I picked Ethan up and we went to a chiropractic consultation.  I have been wanting to get him checked out but was unsure of who to go to.  I finally found someone and she is wonderful.  He really took to her (ok he takes to everyone - whatever!) and she checked him over.  She said he is in pretty good shape, just a little bit out in his neck (probably from forceps) and 3 vertebrae in his upper back.
She was very thorough and checked him over.  When she "adjusted" him, it was such a light touch and she basically massaged him.  Ethan was in heaven! Aside from getting a massage, he was able to hang out naked for a good half our, and we all know how he loves his naked time.

We came home and he was a crabby monster.  He was overtired and wanted to sleep.  So instead I gave him a bottle and then a bath :D  Then bed time.

I decided to play his Baby Einstein Soother and boy was that a mistake.  Half hour later he was still looking and cooing at it.  So I shut it off since it was keeping him awake.  He didn't like that and started crying.  Eventually I got him to sleep.  Then his "white noise" (aka my iPod) shut off.  I guess he doesn't like silence because he woke up. So finally at 9:30pm he fell asleep.  The good news is he doesn't view his crib as just for sleeping and he is comfortable being in his room.  And he is still putting himself to sleep which is wonderful.  This is the fourth night in a row so I have high hopes for him.

Since we are no longer swaddling him, I am a big fan of the sleep sacs.  We have many.  We have some that are sleeveless and we have some that have sleeves.  Tonight he is in a fleece with sleeves.  Since it's a bit colder now (finally lol), his room gets a bit chilly (17 C :S )  So I like to keep him a bit warmer.  But he is a sweater just like his dad, so I don't want him too warm.  Anyway they work well.  He just has a diaper shirt underneath.  The sleeveless ones he wears a sleeper (obviously!)
I missed my baby today and I'm looking forward to spending the whole day with him tomorrow.  I think we are going to go to the grocery store together to shop for the week.

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