Saturday, 4 February 2012

9 Weeks

Can you believe that Ethan is 9 weeks old today!  I can't.  But then again, when I look at him I can really see a difference.  It's almost as if he is starting to "come alive" in the sense that his little personality is showing in a big way.   We have hit a few milestones (in my opinion anyway).

1.  He can follow an object with his head, not just with his eyes now (it's delayed but he is doing it).
2.  He can hold something in his hand (rattle) for about 20 seconds.
3.  He is smiling when we make funny faces or funny voices.
4.  He listens when we talk to him about our day or what we are doing.  Responds by smiling.
5.  When he is starting to cry, we can calm him to stop if he react quickly.
6.  He can sit in his Bumbo chair.  (Still doesn't like it much but can do it for a couple minutes before pouting.

We had a bit of a cranky day today but nothing like it use to be.  He doesn't  cry too much, more or less just fusses.  I dropped him off at my mom's for an hour today so I could go to the gym.  Then we visited friends of ours tonight.  He seems to adapt well to different places and different people. I know he is still very young and that will change, but I do believe that it will help in the long run for him to be welcoming to people (that he KNOWS!! We will make that very clear!)  He will smile with other people, but mommy is the main event :D

So, I have a plugged duct.  I think it was when we were breastfeeding for those two days and my milk wasn't draining completely.  It is quite painful, but I think it's clearing up since it's not nearly as bad as it was yesterday.   I was finally getting my supply down (I have an over supply as mentioned in a previous post), and now I have to pump every 3 hours so guess what, it's going back up.  I guess it's fine but those milk bags are a fortune! Definitely helps with the weight loss!! And I never have to worry about wasting milk either.  I am going to look into glass storage containers that can be reused instead.  Since I am not freezing my milk, there is no need to have the freezer storage to find containers that will be beneficial.  Guess I'll be doing my research at 4am for them!!

There's not much else to say really.  He is just super cute and thriving and I couldn't be happier.  I forgot to mention, his weight at his last appointment (Tuesday) was 11 lbs 10 oz and his length was 23 inches.   Some people were asking so I thought I'd put it on here.  

On a side note, the furkids have become best buds.

Good night until tomorrow :)

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