Saturday, 18 February 2012

Road Trip

Today we had our first road trip with Ethan.  We went to London which is about 2 hours away to visit my brother.  He did really well on on the way up.  He pretty much slept the entire way.  We left when he would usually nap.

Once we arrived, he got fed and we visited for a bit.  Then we all went to an amazing restaurant called Garlicks.  Oh my was is wonderful.  Too bad I had to swallow my food so I could hold Mr. Ethan so he didn't have a meltdown.

We headed back to my brothers house and sat down to relax a bit before heading out.  Ethan lasted about half hour before he lost it.  I had to climb in the back seat and try to comfort him.  Then I decided to give him a bottle, but I had no way of heating it up so it was cold.  He didn't take well to that.  I finally got him calmed down - only took an hour.

Once home we stripped him and fed him.  He did much better.  He got his bath and I brought him upstairs. Usually we play for a bit but he wanted to have nothing to do with that.  He was sleeping in his crib by 7:50pm. (**not sure what Ryan is so happy about - this would be the "fake smile" lol**)

Ryan was making dinner for us and I was preparing bottles. We were just about ready to eat and.....guess what......Ethan wakes up with his hungry cry.  So up I went with the bottle in hand and fed him.  He went back down at 8:45 and asleep by 9:00.

Now it's time for me to relax and possibly go to bed early (11:20pm is early for me).  I'm going to try and not pump at 3am and see how I do.  Hopefully all works out and then I can resume at 7am for my normal pumping schedule.

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