Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Play Date

Today I went to my cousins house and had a play date / adult time.  (Really we only talk baby but still, it's a break from the high pitch baby talk lol).

We had a great morning - he was soooo happy.  He is starting to kick his legs up and get this...I got a LAUGH out of him today.  It was so great.  You can see from these photos posted below how excited he was!

Ethan did very well.  He didn't cry.  He slept, ate, played and was enthralled with new faces.

At home it was such a blur though. We came home, fed him, gave him his bath and then he was in bed.  He was so tired, he fell asleep eating his last bottle.  So I put him down at 8pm.  As my luck would have it he woke at 9pm and was up for a bit. I gave him the rest of his bottle and he has been down ever since.  Keeping my fingers crossed! (It's past 10pm so I know he will be down until about 5am)

We discovered that he likes a bouncy vibrating chair.  I am hesitant to buy one because I have a feeling he wont use it - just like every other item in our house!  Maybe I'll look for one to borrow first and if he likes it then I'll get one.

I really don't have much else to say unfortunately.  Not a whole lot went on today.  It was nice to get out though. But it's funny because it shows how we follow a routine.  I came home and did not have time to make dinner so my dinner tonight was ..... waffles. By the time 9:30pm rolled around I was not in the mood to cook....and I was looking forward to the stew I was going to make.  Oh well... there is always tomorrow! Ryan is on vacation for 10 days so I am excited to have him home!

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  1. My son loves his vibrating seat thing... it's great because you can put it pretty much anywhere and bounce him a little and he falls right asleep.

    Aww I wish I could go on play dates :) so cute