Sunday, 19 February 2012

Busy, Busy Sunday

We had a very busy day today.....

First, we went to visit a friend that just had a baby.  She is absolutely beautiful and Ethan did not have a good time.  It was  my fault because I woke him up :S We had a short visit and came back home where h fell asleep immediately for an hour.

Then, we had a Birthday Party for a 5 year old at ChuckeCheese.  He had a blast there.  He was so interested in everything that was going on, we couldn't believe it!  He even fell asleep as the kids were screaming Happy Birthday.

Then we went to my parents house for my dad's birthday dinner.  ANOTHER steak dinner (I had pasta- have to curb the red meat eating a little bit).  He slept most of the time and was a little ham for the rest.

He had a hard time going down tonight but finally surrendered and fell asleep.  Its so hard to not rock him to sleep but it is getting easier every night.  As long as he sees I'm in his room he will fall to sleep.  He is so cute!

Tomorrow is Mommy Monday.  So exciting!

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