Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Milk Storage

I have been using the Nuk brand storage bags.  I love them.  However, they are expensive for how much I need.  I have been looking for an alternative on storing breastmilk and I keep reading to store in bottles.  That's fine, but I don't want to have a fridge full of bottles.

An alternative that I found today were the Avent Breastmilk Storage Containers.  For a few bucks more, I can reuse these over again, probably for a good 2-3 months or longer.  And they are stackable.

I have been thinking of a system for using them and I think I am going to number each container 1 through 20 and keep them in a rotation.  The only downfall is that they hold just 6 ounces and I pump an average of 7-8 ounces per session.  I am working on getting my supply down a bit but until then, I will probably be filling 1 1/2 containers per session.  So as you can see, 20 containers will go by fast.  (I still have bags for back up just in case).

I seem to be back in a nesting phase.  Last night I was up until 1am organizing drawers.  Kitchen drawers and bedroom drawers.  I still have a few more organizing ideas that I want to get done and I plan to do them over the next week or two. Tonight I will be going to bed after Parenthood - 11pm.  I paid for that late night all day today.

Ethan slept until 8am this morning with a feeding at 3 am.  I guess I had no reason to be so worried and I probably could have started this a long time ago....or maybe not.  It's something I wouldn't know so why ponder about it :) I put him down at 8:15pm tonight.  He woke up at 8:45pm and has been back down for almost an hour.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

We attempted the Mamaroo again today - but this time we tilted the seat as high up as it goes and guess what - he was having a good time in there - for about 15 minutes.  Not  very long but it's a start :) It would be nice if he could learn to enjoy hanging out in there for longer periods of time.
We ended a night with a visit from Julie and she watched how funny Ethan is in the bathtub.  I have to take a video of him in there and post it on here for you to see.  It looks like he is a sumo wrestler and trying to walk out of the tub - hilarious!

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  1. Tupperware is a genius idea! Oh, and Ethan will be eating 7-8 ounces a session soon.... Don't decrease your supply too much!