Monday, 6 February 2012

Mommy Monday + Early Bed Time

I had a pretty busy day today.  I always say I'm going to sit at home and do NOTHING for the entire time Ethan is gone - but I don't think that will ever happen....ever lol.

I dropped him off in a hurry (we were a little late getting out the door) and went to Weight Watchers.  I'm down another pound.  That makes me happy considering how unfaithful to tracking I was this week and pigging out on our date night.  (Hope it doesn't catch up to me this week!)

Then I had an eye appointment.  Glad to report that my eyes did not change too much after the pregnancy - just a slight change.

Ryan and I went for lunch at Bistro at the River.  I had a perch wrap (fried oops! but hey, I tracked it!)

Ryan had a roast beef sandwich.  It was an excellent experience.

We also had a nice glass of wine.  I find that I enjoy it more now to have a glass because I hadn't had any for 10 months and now when I do have a glass I savour it.

 I remember we went once in the Summer a couple years back and it was nice sitting on the patio looking over the river.  This was our view from the window inside the restaurant.  Not as nice but nice enough :)

I went to my parents house around 5:15pm.  They were kind enough to feed me.  (Ryan is on afternoons so cooking is pretty scarce around here during these days!).  We hung out until 7pm and came home.  He got his bath, bottle and massage, then we cuddled on the couch.  One minute he was wide eyed and alert, and the next he was fast asleep.....or so I thought.

I brought him upstairs at 8:45pm and of course, he woke right up.  I took my chances and left him in his crib.....kissed him goodnight and left the room.  Came back a minute later to show him I'm still around then left again.  Well it's 11pm and he is still asleep.  I am sure I jinxed myself by typing that just now, but I'm hoping he is down for the night.  Only time will tell!

I may walk into his room and find him like this!

 I got him a cute mobile today.  My mom has one for him in his crib there, and he just loves it.  So I took my chances and bought one and set it up for him.  Well, he loves it here too!

I FINALLY found a system for storing milk without paying a fortune for bags.  I will post on that tomorrow.  Now I'm finishing the show "Smash".  I have mixed feelings about it.  Not sure how I feel about it.  It reminds me of Glee and I hate Glee.

That's all I have to say for now.  Until tomorrow...... goodnight!

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