Thursday, 9 February 2012

A bland day

There wasn't too much that went on today.  I went to yoga, came home, hung out with the little man who was pukey all day but in a good mood....that that turned to poop when night came - he was the crank monster and wouldn't go to sleep until almost 10pm.  For some reason I became engorged 2 hours after I pumped this afternoon.  This has never happened.  I did a more challenging yoga class so maybe that was why? I don't know.  And of course when I had to pump Ethan was very demanding so that was delayed for almost an hour.  Just not a good night.  I am tired, and according to my "pumping schedule" I should be pumping at 1am....that is NOT going to happen so I will be doing that at 11pm then I don't have to get up until 3am.  Thankfully I am working on eliminating my mid-night pump.  It will take a few weeks but I am so  excited for that!

For this week I pump only 10 minutes during the mid-night pump (about 3am).  Next week, I will pump only 5 minutes, and the following week I will just hand express until I feel relief.  I am also starting to stock pile in the freezer.  I am doing one bag per day (usually the 10pm pump).  I just scald the milk and freeze right away.  If you haven't read before, I have a high enzyme count in my milk so it goes rancid right away.  Scalding helps to preserve it and kill off some of the enzymes.  Unfortunately it lessens the nutrition value of the milk, but the main reason for doing this is for when he is going through a growth spurt I will have a couple feedings on hand. (I pump 2 feedings per pump).

I wasn't going to blog about this, but I have decided to only because new moms and moms to be read this.  I jumped back into trying to breastfeed.  I had someone come to my home and observe and help me yesterday.  She suggested a few different things - bring baby lower, move my arm, etc.  And guess what - it is working.  We get a solid 5 minute feeding - perfect latch, no head bobbing for my nipple, just a straight 5 minute feed.  I lay him on my chest and let him decide which breast he wants (whichever side he leans/falls towards) and then we go from there.  It feels totally different than when I was doing it on my own.   I am still pumping right after and only feed if it coincides with my pumping because I do not need to have problems (which obviously isn't working since I had engorgement already today).  I am more concerned with plugged ducts again over engorgement.  We are just taking it slow.  If it takes another 2 months for him to decide to breastfeed then so be it.  If he decides he hates it and doesn't want to do it, that's okay too.  Pumping works for me.  Breastfeeding would be better - but like I always say, what's good for baby is breastmilk however he may be getting it.

So for anybody reading this that is breastfeeding or planning to and has some yourself a favour and get someone to show you.  She charges only $20 to come to the home and she was wonderful.  If you would like info on who it was just email me at  I will be more than happy to pass on her information.  She is also a doula, so I plan to build a relationship with her so she can be with us with our next child if we do have one.

That's all I have to say.  Tomorrow night is "date night" but we are staying in.  Ryan has karate and I have to work on some props for valentines day photos.  (poor kid he is going to boycott me when he is older - especially at his wedding ha ha ha!!!).   Then I'm making dinner for the two of us here.  We don't mind saving money this week!

.....time to pump.... then bed :D (till 3 am ... ) pictures today.  Mommy wasn't in a picture taking mood :s


  1. I'm in the process of trying to re-lactate. man is it a challenge. I hope that your enzyme thing clears up... did you ask your consultant/doula about that see what she had to say? I'm sure that even the cooked milk is better than formula nutritionally. :)

  2. Yah she told me that its "rare" yet she knows any women, including herself, that have this problem and that it has worked for all of them. Not sure if it ever will...but if he does start to breastfeed, then there really wont be a worry, The frozen milk is just for backup. Like I said I make twice the amount he needs per session so its more of an experiment right now lol.