Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I don't know if it could be or not but I think Ethan may be teething.  He is very interested in putting items in his mouth, gnaws at his hands and is drooling like it's nobody's business!  I also read that it could just be his body preparing himself for his next developmental stage - grabbing and placing things in his mouth.  We are just going to give it a week or so and see where it goes.  He is also quite fussy and just wants to sleep all the time.  No, I'm not complaining, but it's just out of the ordinary.

He did get some good Ethan-Daddy time in today though while I went to a yoga class.

We had our second chiropractic appointment today.  I brought up some issues we had from yesterday (pooping, fussiness, not eating) and the chiropractor said that it could be from the adjustments or it could be a bug.  She thinks the latter because of him not really eating much.  Today he ate like a champ though - definitely made up for yesterday!  He did pretty good at the chiropractor's today.  Got a bit fussy when she was adjusting his mid back but nothing to be concerned about.

We had a funeral to go to today and we were hoping he would do well and he did fantastic! He loves people and he definitely brought joy to the room.  Afterwards we went to visit Grama & Grampa (and the furkids - they are having their mini vacation at their house) and the little man was super tired afterwards.  He slept in his car seat for over an hour!  I had to be the bad mom and wake him so he could get his bath and bottle before bed.

Well he was 'refreshed' and was up for a good hour. Since we missed "naked time", I let him play in his crib for a bit while he watched the mobile and then the Baby Einstein Soother.   Finally at 9pm he fell asleep! (must have been from all the crying the half hour prior!)

Tomorrow Ryan and I are making a trip to the states to do some serious shopping at Somerset Mall and Whole Foods!  I'm pretty excited since it's been a while since I've been across the border and well, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Whole Foods!  I am just hoping that my top half doesn't explode due to the lack of pumping I'll be doing.  I figure if I pump when Ryan drops Ethan off at his parents, (we are thinking 9:30am), then I can stretch my time in between to 5 hours which should be plenty of time.  We are having our parents over for a steak dinner so we need to be home at a decent time to prepare and clean up. (Ryan ages his beef at a butcher for 35 days and let me tell you these steaks are to die for!).

Well it's time to pump and then sleep for me.  I had a busy day and I am TIRED!  Goodnight :D

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