Monday, 16 April 2012

Who's a Cutie!

We have been having a fun week.  The main focus is nursing and getting Ethan to nurse on demand.  I'd say it's going awesome because that's all he seems to want to do now!  It's great, but I thought it would extend his night time sleeping, but it doesn't.  He is still up a few times during the night but generally falls asleep right away, and as long as I get a 3.5 - 4 hour block of sleep, I'm good.  

I was a bit nervous today because he got a bottle at my mom's house.  He hasn't had a bottle in 5 days, but he still went right back to nursing so all is good!  I am going out Thursday night with some girls from work for dinner so dad is going to watch Ethan for a couple hours.  He will more than likely be getting a bottle that night and I am going to really try and not freak out about it!  We seem to be cutting out the directly before bed bottle though, so maybe he won't.  He wakes at around 10 or 11 to feed, and that's great because that's about when I go to bed....if only it would hold him over throughout the night.... "sigh"  :D 

That's really all we have going on...nothing too eventful.  We do have a busy week ahead so I will definitely plan to blog about it!  Lots of visiting, a shower and spending time with a friend for Earth Day.

Here are some photos we took in his crib last night, and one at a birthday party we attended.  Such a cutie!

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