Sunday, 29 April 2012

My Baby is Sick :(

It took him 5 months to catch his first cold.... I don't even think I could consider it a "cold" and it may be allergies, but regardless he is congested and has lots of boogers.  He doesn't have a runny nose however, so I guess that's alright, but I can hear the congestion in the back of his throat.  He pretty much slept all day yesterday, but today we had a relaxing day.

This morning, we moistened his nose with the HydraSense spray, then sucked his nose with the snot sucker :)
As you can see he didn't really long as I make it like a "game" he's all good with it.
Then I let him watch some TV because he wasn't feeling well and he enjoys it.  It was Baby Signing Time so at least it was educational!
We went to my parents for dinner afterwards, and were surprised to see our cousin there - we called him for a visit to have dinner (because he always says no) and he said "no" but then showed up.  Ethan had fun with him!
He got cranky, so we had to leave shortly after dinner, and it took quite a while for him to fall asleep - over tired plus not feeling well makes it hard for him to fall asleep.  As I type this, he is restless and whining in bed, but every time I go in there he is I will patiently wait until he wakes.  Until then, enjoy this adorable photo of him from today on his mat :)
Feel better little man!  Mommy loves you <3

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