Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Exciting things for Ethan!

Today was a pretty good day - much less hectic than the last 4 days we had.

Ethan and I met a friend at the mall for some chit chat, lunch and shopping.  I only bought a book light but hey, I needed it and was in need of one :)

After we got home, he had a quick 40 minute nap and then Zia Maryanne came over.  She entertained him for a while and when she left, he went for a....... just shy of a 3 hour nap - awesome kid!  When dad came home, he set up Ethan's highchair and we sat him in it so he has somewhere to sit when we have dinner.   He is clearly not ready for solids yet, but it's only about 5 weeks away before we are going to try it out so why not get him used to sitting with us :)  He didn't seem to realize he can pick up items from his tray to put in his mouth (since everything goes in his mouth these days).  {Side note, I think it's funny that he attacks my elbow every time I reach over him - must look like a nipple or something to him lol. }
Speaking of dinner, I made a pretty good Asian stirfry (what stirfry isn't asian right!).  This one, however, had curry, lime and cilantro so I guess it was more Thai.  I liked it, but it was lacking something, so I'm going to have to work on it a bit.
I also gave Ethan a sippy cup.  It was empty, but he played with it, and in about 20 minutes he figured out what it was for.  I may try to put some breast milk in it this week and see if he figures it out.... I'm undecided about that though.  I'll keep you posted :)
After, dinner, Ethan & Dad had some man time and then it was bath for the little guy and bed.  He went down fast, which seems to be the norm lately.  I've now accepted that he doesn't like to be rocked and it's kind of nice that I can put him down in his crib, and he gets himself sleepy as I read my book, then when he's ready, he lets out a specific cry/whine and I rub his back lightly and pat his bum and he is out.  Love you little boo!

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