Friday, 20 April 2012

Some new things.... and a bad thing

Ethan and I went to Sweetheart Diapers today to buy another Amber teething necklace.

WELL, to my surprise, they carry a few other items I had my eye on, such as:

Milk Trays by Sensible Lines
These trays hold 1 oz of milk per slot and make it so much easier to freeze without wasting expensive milk bags.  Initially theses cost about $27.00 but in the long run it saves money. I wish I knew about these before!  Now that I  pump once a day, I get about 3-5 oz per session, so it makes sense to use these.  He only gets 3 oz in a bottle at a time, so for me to freeze 5 oz in a bag, 2 oz is wasted.  The only time he gets a bottle is at my mom's house or if I go out, like last night.  It was nice to be able to go out and have Ryan take care of him.  Funny thing though, once I came home, he was up in an hour, greeted me with a HUGE smile and nursed to sleep again.  Funny Bunny he is!  (Totally off topic but had to share).

Baby Bandz 
I've had my eyes on these babies because, well, they are just SO CUTE.  Aside from that, I want him to wear sunglasses to protect his itty bitty eyes (ok not so little eyes, but you know what I mean!)  I found out this year that I have sun damage in my eyes from not wearing any sunglasses, so it's something I feel is important, and even more important, they need to be cute!

Amber Teething Necklace & Anklets
Since I lost the first one I bought him (you know I'm going to find it now that I purchased another one!) I bought him another necklace.  Originally I was going to buy an Anklet, but she made a point that there are less beads and may be less effective so I bit the bullet and bought the necklace.

Ergo Baby Ergo Carriers

No picture here, because he was getting cranky.  But I did have him in this and it was great - so comfortable.  He is still in an inbetween stage for this though.  Too small to sit as an infant (tear, so sad) but not big enough to spread his legs to straddle my waist.  I'm hoping (hint hint) to get one for Mothers Day from Ethan.  It would be a perfect fit, don't you think!

Now the not so greatness, I think I have a blocked milk duct.  SO not fun.  I'm working on it though - lots of nursing and pumping.  Of course, it doesn't help when he falls asleep nursing!

Overall we had a great day.  He is too heavy for his bassinet insert in his Pack & Play so that is coming out today.  I am letting him play in it today though.  Isn't funny that no matter what kind of toys you have for your baby they like the simplest my sweatshirt!  Silly Boy!
He is also practicing rolling from back to belly.  Doesn't quite have it (like I thought he did a few weeks back, oops!) but he is getting close!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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