Monday, 23 April 2012

Personal Training

Ryan bought me a personal trainer for 6 weeks.  I see her two times a week.  I had my first appointment today and it was awesome! Today she pretty much tested my strength and let me just say my "core strength" is non-existent.  However, she did say that since I did have core strength at one time (pre pregnancy), that it would be easy for me to get back - yay.

My plan is as follows:  2 days with her plus cardio (on my own), 1 day strength training on my own and two days yoga and cardio.  So it's a lot of work, but it's 1.5 hours out of my day (one hour workout plus half hour for driving).

My only concern was with Ethan and nursing....I have realized that I have to let this go.  It will not hurt him to have a bottle these days (if he even needs one).  He still nurses on demand and it's ok.... I have to keep telling myself that.  And worst case, if he only nurses at night and the morning then that is okay too. Just means I have to pump, but in reality, I have to pump before my sessions anyway so I will always have milk available (plus my little freezer stash as well).

Speaking of Ethan, little man had a rough day today.  He was with nonna and was cranky all day.  Ryan and I noticed that when he was home he had VERY rosy cheeks..... plus a faucet of maybe he is actually going to get a tooth now because he has been very "off".  Poor guy.  I felt so bad for him tonight.  He even fell asleep in my arms (this is rare - very rare as he does not like to be rocked to sleep anymore).

I guess he also made strange today - with my Aunt!  He has seen her on many occasions but I guess he was not going to have anything to do with her today.  In one way I am relieved that he finally isn't going to every person that will hold him, but then again, family is okay.  I guess we have to practice a bit more lol.

That's really all I have to say.  I am battling a headache since 4pm today (it's now almost 10pm).  I'm not sure what it is from - I think lack of processed sugar since I am trying to "eat clean".  I am assuming the tortilla chips are not very clean - but they are organic :)


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