Sunday, 22 April 2012

Happy Earth Day!

Ethan and I met a friend and her daughter for Earth Day today.  It was at a park and there were a bunch of different vendors.  I found a few things that were beneficial to us:  Some flour - hand stone ground white and spelt.  I plan to use the spelt flour to make some cookies for Ethan when he is ready to eat since we are not introducing wheat for a little while.  I also found some pea shoots and a tree to plant with Ethan (and we will call it an Ethan tree) :)

I think it's important to do things with him that are nature filled.  I know he doesn't really know what was going on but the more we take him the more interested he will become.  It's exciting to know that when he is older he can participate in the activities they had for the kids - science experiments, tree planting, dirt digging.... it will be a good time!

Here we are planting his tree.... I hope we can keep it alive since my record with plants are not very good :)  I may make a better effort with this one.  I believe it's called a swamp tree.
    Putting the tree in the pot
    Mom holding the tree and waiting for the dirt.
    Ethan checking out the planted tree
    Ethan about to grab the tree :)
                                        Time to water

After we came home, he had his nap, then we had some camera fun :)

And then another nap.  We are trying to extend his wake time to 2 hours in between naps in hope of a better sleep at night.  He seems to have his day and night feeds mixed up now.  He wants to nurse every two hours through the night and isn't very hungry during the day.  I am going to have to see what to do about this!  Probably just live with it until he is older..... "sigh" ;)


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