Friday, 27 April 2012

Mei Tai's, Mat Play & Dogs Oh My!

You are probably wondering what my blog post means - Mei Tai's!!  Don't get too excited, it's not a drink recipe post ;)  A Mei Tai is similar to an Ergo Baby but way easier to put on and, get this, easy to make!  All for about $14.00 (plus labour of course!). I borrowed one from a friend to see if he likes it, and Ethan seems to really like it, as you can see... (ignore the vacuum please!  I was not thinking about that as I took the photo!)
And what is even better is this sweet view I get from above!
We had lots of mat play today as well....practicing rolling over, his little swimming thing he does, and interacting with the puppies.  They are definitely getting used to Ethan now, and I think it's funny that when they walk past him, he swats at them lol.  They have no reaction to it, but he also isn't physically touching them yet, but he's eyeing them up, and down!

We went to Fabric Land today to pick out some material....I'll post the photo of the finished product if it turns out alright (I'm sure it will).  And then we went to pay for the hall rental for his birthday - yes, you read that right..... his hall is rented.  It seemed as though that where we wanted it, the entire month of December was pretty much booked so I wanted to get it done right away so we get the date that we wanted.

Tonight is dinner at Grama & Grampa's and then we start our whole day over again tomorrow!


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