Friday, 13 April 2012

Funny Boy & a New Obsession!

Ethan has decided to make this annoying noise I can only describe as annoying.  It's pretty much the same noise as Jim Carey did in Dumb  Dumber "Most Annoying Sound in the World" when he did "Errrrrrrrrrr".  If you forget, I linked it HERE.   He pretty much did it all day.  Thankfully he was at Grama's house for a few hours.  I only went there to nurse him lol.  I know, nice mom, but I had to get some stuff done and I knew she'd like to hang out with him.

He also decided to wake up at 4am and stay up...... I tried for an hour to get him to sleep and it just wasn't happening, so guess what, mom just put him in his crib and let him do his thing.  He talked, laughed, made his new noise, fell asleep for 10 minutes, woke up to eat, went to sleep till 8:30 (and so did I!)

THEN, of course, as I am  putting him to sleep at 6:30, he decides to giggle in his sleep.  Do you know how friggen cute that is!  I instantly forgave him for his stubbornness at 4am lol.  Bugger!  I love him tons.

My new obsession is Tiny Beyonce.  OMG this puppy is adorable.  She reminds me of when Lola was a puppy, they look similar and act similar.  So cute!  Here she is click HERE.

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