Wednesday, 18 April 2012

It's about time I relaxed!

When Ethan was first born, I was so "by the rules" and wrote everything down - how much he ate, how many diapers he went through, when he slept, for how long.....

I was so concerned about everything he was doing (or not doing) that I only focused on those things.  I mean, I still enjoyed him and played with him, but I was always watching the clock for his next feeding, next change, next nap.

These last couple weeks I've pretty much "let go".  I don't pay attention to when he eats, how much, etc.  I forget to change him after a feed sometimes and am quickly reminded when he pees through his diaper (no it doesn't happen often that I forget, but sometimes we run down to see dad and it passes me by!).  I'm enjoying him and enjoying life with him - letting things just go with the flow.  I think it also has to do with me knowing (and still learning) what his cries and noises mean.  I know when he is hungry or tired or needs a diaper change.  We are just living and enjoying our time together.

Speaking of diapers....grrrr!  We have had a leak through every morning - sometimes two times in a row.  (No, not because I forget to change him!)  I don't know what's going on.  He has very light diapers through the night (he is only waking at 3am again).  I feel to see if it should be changed and he hasn't really even peed.  By 7am it is drenched.  It feels like a 12 hour diaper and really, it's been only 4 hours.  Do babies hold their pee longer as they get older??  I think I'll post that question on Cafe Mom.

On a funny note, I was putting him down for a nap today and he was tired but not ready to nap.  So I let him lay in his crib and I read a magazine on the glider.  Well, we put a breathable bumper on his crib because he gets his legs caught in the bars of the crib all the time.... yah.... he now rests his feet on top of the bumper....through the crib rails.  What a bugger!  I tried getting a picture but I am having phone photo issues and couldn't do it.  I did take a little video though.

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