Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Small Success...

To continue on with the Breastfeeding Saga, Ethan nursed all day today.... and not just immediately after a nap, but alllll day.  He kept asking, I kept giving, we were both happy, it was all good.... I didn't count, but thinking back, he nursed about 10 times.  I also haven't pumped since 9pm last night.... such a great feeling, and I do not feel full whatsoever.  Usually by 11am I need to pump a bit for relief, but not today.

We were ALMOST bottle free today, but we put him to bed too late (7:30pm) and he got cranky.  He did nurse, then fell asleep, then woke up screaming and crying.  So I called Ryan to get a bottle, he brought it up quickly, Ethan ate all of 3 sips and fell asleep.  So my instinct told me he was just overtired, but of course, I had to challenge it and give a bottle.  Honestly, he probably didn't even remember or realize it since he was so tired.
                                         (How yummy are those little pouty lips! And I so want those eyelashes!)

I hope tomorrow he continues.  Yesterday he did a bit in between, and today much more... this seems to be his pattern of obtaining new habits or adaptations.

Check out the cute little ring I made.  It's just to remind me which side to nurse on.  I didn't have a problem before, probably because I was so conscious of it, but lately I seem to be forgetting.  Let's see how long this lasts though - I generally either break these things, lose them, or get annoyed with them.  (It's already kinda annoying me lol).  I may just have to go to the dollar store and pick up some little beaded bracelets.

I'm hoping to sleep tonight...I had a bright idea to get a Latte from Starbucks at 6pm.  What was I thinking? I dunno.  !!!

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