Monday, 2 April 2012

A Day in the Life of a 4 Month Old!

Since we seem to be having busy days these days, I figured I'd post what we do in a day - Ethan & I that is.... the times vary, but generally this is the pattern we follow:

6:00am - Wake up for a feed
6:10am - Back to sleep for the both of us

8:00am - Wake up for a feed then Ethan comes into bed with me/us

10:00am - Wake up for a feed then up for the day

We get him changed, dressed and head downstairs to greet the pups.  Ethan goes in his Pack 'n' Play while I pump for 10 minutes.  (I have to pump at this point otherwise I feel very uncomfortable for the remainder of the day, plus I'm stocking my supply up in the freezer).  After this, I read him a book or two, or let him play on his play mat.  (He can't be held too much at this point otherwise he pukes everywhere - all that milk he eats in the morning!)  Even though he is in his Pack 'n' Play or play mat, I'm still interacting with him, just not holding him.

11:15am - Nap time for about 45 minutes to an hour

At this point, I check my email, facebook, do a load of laundry and tidy up the kitchen - oh and grab some lunch if I think of it.

12:00pm - Feeding, diaper change and usually an outfit change.

This is when we go out to do errands if we have any.  Today we went to the grocery store.  If we don't go out, he goes in his exersaucer, or we hang out on the couch together and read another book or play with some of his toys.  Today we went to the grocery store!

1:30pm - Nap time for again 45 minutes to an hour.

During this nap, I usually prep dinner, or in some cases make dinner if its easy to be reheated, like this stewed dish from Nigella Lawson Express cookbook - Chicken Caccatori.

2:30pm - Feed, diaper change

We play in his room for a bit.  I keep him laying down due to the puking again in his crib, and he looks at his mobile.  I tidy his room up and gather all his pukey clothes and blankets (yes, he pukes a lot but gaining weight well so it's not a concern...he just eats too much at one feeding lol).

We head downstairs and sometimes we go for a walk or hang out outside.  I like him to interact with the dogs under close supervision so they get used to him.  Today Ethan was "petting" Paco.  Paco didn't mind - even when Ethan did a bit of a hair pull - oops! (Check out those hand dimples!) He really likes his play mat at this point, so I let him play on there alone while I continue with dinner or tidying up.

4:00pm - Nap time.  This one is generally 1 hour to 1.5 hours or longer.

By this time dad is home, so he takes over while I get dinner finished (yep, it takes all afternoon sometimes).  Or if I have to do some running around or going to the gym I go now.  I didn't today because it's the weekend and Ryan was working on some woodwork for our house.  So in that case, we keep it pretty low key and watch a bit of tv (I know bad, but it's baby sign language or Baby Einstein!). or read another book.

6:00pm - Dinner time

Ethan is in his bouncey Chair while we eat, and he is on the table.  This way he is part of the "dinner team" and can see us eating.  He watches intently and is learning what he can eat when the time comes (2 more months to go!).  Because we are going to do Baby Led Weaning, it's important for him to watch us eat.

(sorry no photo!)

After dinner, he goes in the Pack 'n' Play while we clean up.  Then it's wind down time.  We read a book or I face him towards me and we talk a bit.

7:15pm - Bath time

This is his favorite time of day I think!  Unfortunately we have to cut the baths down to every other day because he has such dry dry skin - poor dude!

7:30pm - Bottle & Bed

Since Ethan doesn't like to nurse before bed, he gets his one and only bottle of the day.  After he eats, we cuddle on the glider and he falls asleep, and then I put him in his crib where he peacefully sleeps until....

11:30pm - Feed (maximum 10 minutes).

3:30am - Feed (again, maximum 10 minutes).

And then we start all over again!


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