Monday, 30 January 2012

One for Every Two

It seems we have one bad day with Ethan and then two really good days.  He is dealing with his crabbiness a bit better now though - we can get a few good smile sessions out of him.

Today was a crabby day.  Nona had him for the majority of the day.  I picked him up at 4:30pm and he was pretty crabby ever since.  (Except bath time and baby massage time of course).  He slept on me for a bit.  He went down at 9:30pm tonight though....this is progress.  He is making a lot of noise in his crib, but no crying (yet - it's 10:45pm).  I went to check on him and the poor guy was laying in a pool of puke :(  I cleaned him up and moved him over and he fell right back to sleep.  I think something is up with his stomach.

(I wanted to insert a picture here but stupid BlackBerry doesn't want to email it to's a cute one too)

I am hoping the dairy is almost out of my system.  For the most part, I have been avoiding all dairy, but I did have a little nibble of something with cheese in it (probably a total of 1 tbsp of cheese in it).  It's not really that hard but still kinda sucks.  I have been enjoying Daiya cheese though and it agrees well with me.

Ethan goes for his first set of vaccinations tomorrow.  I think he will do okay but I am still nervous for him.  Paco had his shots tonight and he is doing fine, a little bummed out, but he did well - no crying :) He is nice and quiet and calm, which is really nice for us lol.

I'll give an update tomorrow on the little guy and how he did at the doctor's office.  Cross your fingers he did well :)

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