Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I am always on a site called CafeMom.  There are different "rooms" where people post different topics about different things about babies, and I can ask questions as well.

I came across a post where someone asked about items that were a waste of money.  I am amazed at some of the things people didn't find useful.  Some things like a crib (yes, really), a change table (ok give or take on that one), a car seat (come on), and a glider are four things that I could not live without.

I have to admit, I went through my registry with a fine toothed comb and made sure I only registered for things that we really needed or things I knew would be useful.

There are a few things I could live without, if needed.  For example:

Infant shoes:  They are super cute, and make good pictures, but really, they are not practical.  He is a newborn and wears sleepers.  Sidenote: we did receive a pair of Adidas shoes as a gift from a friend, and I'm absolutely in love with them :) I can't wait until he can wear them so I can take photographs of him in them!!

Mamaroo:  He absolutely hates this thing.  I don't see what's so bad about it.  It looks so comfy and cozy! It's currently a storage spot for his toys.
Swing:  Again, hates it.  Sometimes we can get him in there, but mostly he screams.  Thankfully this was a borrowed item.  We keep trying and find it's better if it's in front of the television (lol).  It's fine if he doesn't like these items but sometimes we just have to get something done and it's really hard to do things one handed!  Today he decided to take a half hour nap, but as you can see he isn't strapped in, so I have to be right in front of him the entire time.  He knows how to shimy himself down.
Baby Grooming Set:  Really, just buy a thermometer.  That's all you need.  I used the baby brush as well to brush the scales off his head from his cradle cap.

Some items that are a "luxury" but I use daily would be:

A Wipes Warmer.  In reality, no, I do not need one.  He is perfectly fine with a cool cloth on his bottom.  But it gives me peace of mind that it's warm, especially if he needs a change at night.  The main reason why I wanted the wipes warmer was for when we start our cloth diapering and we use the cloth wipes.  It keeps the solution warm and the cloth warm - I think that would be a bit cold on a little tushie!
Crib Set.  No, I didn't 'need this', but it was the setting for the theme of our room, and super cute.  It came with a Bumper Pad, and I do not use that, but we found a place for it below the mattress and it looks great in my opinion.  The comforter as well was something that is not recommended, but it's large enough to cuddle him as we glide in the glider.
Monitor:  Our house is small enough that we don't need the monitor.  It will probably come in handy during the summer months however, when we are outside and baby is sleeping inside. But for now, we can literally hear him breathing in our room without the monitor.  (Rooms are next to each other). And I can hear him downstairs if the tv isn't too loud.  I don't have one of those fancy ones that has the video monitoring and the movement monitoring.  I think it would drive me nuts to always know that he stopped moving for 2 seconds.....because he is SLEEPING!

A couple items that I could not live without:

Swaddlers:  These are our saving grace when Ethan is having a cranky pants day.  They also keeps him asleep at night and during naps.  It calms him when he is screaming at us.  It helps with breastfeeding.  It's really a life saver.  I plan to stop using them soon however, because I don't want to risk him rolling over while they are on him.  So we will see how that goes....
Pacifier:  Again, it keeps us sane.  He took some time getting used to it, but now he always uses it.  I know, people have a love it or hate it approach to it, and I have always said I wouldn't give my child a pacifier, but really..... when your baby is screaming, and this little contraption soothes the heck out of him, I'm going to let it go and give him one.  Hopefully we can wean him off of it at four months, but if not, then he can sooth himself with it and we will just keep trying.

Breast Pump:  This is one of the most important items I have.  Without it, my baby wouldn't get the most nutritious thing I could provide for him - breast milk.  If this broke down on me, I would have no choice but to run out and buy one as soon as possible.

Moby Wrap:  It comforts him and I am able to get stuff done.  He will fall asleep in 15 seconds when put in this wrap. Enough said.
Breast Milk Storage Bags:  I make a lot of milk, and I need somewhere to store this milk.  They are expensive, and I'm trying to figure out a different system to store the milk, but for now these bags will have to do.  They are sterile and perfect for storage.  Again, just expensive.

Things I think I"m going to love, but haven't gotten to the point of using yet:

Baby Brezza: it steams and purees food for baby - meat, grains and produce.  I plan to make all my baby's food so I think this will be a hit in my books.

Jolly Jumper:  He already likes to jump when we have him in our arms so I could only imagine (and hope) that he will like the Jolly Jumper!

Other people may have other views on this topic, and that's awesome and perfectly fine.  I don't judge.  This is just my personal list and my personal preferences and hopefully it will help some moms to be decide on what they should register for and what they should disregard

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  1. Try not writing on the milk bags, and then rinsing them out and drying them in a dish drainer inside out when you empty one, sounds crazy, but you if you even get just one more use out of them, it will cut your costs in half. The wipes warmer was okay, but I find they cool off almost immediately so they are still a bit chilly.