Sunday, 8 January 2012

Cranky Pants

Don't let this sweet face fool you.... Mr. Ethan has been such a cranky pants these last few days.  We don't know what's going on.  He just constantly wants to be held.  When we put him down during the day, he sleeps, but as soon as he realizes he isn't in our arms, the screaming and crying starts.

It's been a bit stressful I have to say.  We have been going for lots of walks, car rides and mall walks.  Seems to help a bit. I've been carrying him around in my Moby Wrap as well, but I think my back is about to break from it.  I have to get things done though and this is how I do it!

He isn't eating a full bottle either (4 oz).  He will eat half and then fall asleep (after crying himself to tiredness), and then wake up 45 minutes later and want more.  I thought maybe it was the frozen breast milk that we started giving him, so I was giving him fresh milk, and no changes.  We tried the GroVia diapers, so I thought maybe he wasn't comfortable in the cloth diapers, switched back to disposables, and again, no change.

I guess everyone is entitled to a moody day - or 3!  Today seems a  bit better, but it may be too soon and early to tell..... :s   He is sleeping at the moment, but that may change in any second!!!

(Photos were done by me at 5 weeks - 2 days ago - no relation to the blog but I just felt like posting them!)


  1. Eric went through a period when he was about a month where he didn't want to be put was really hard, but it's just one of the many phases Ethan will go through!

  2. He is getting a bit better. As long as he is well rested, well fed, and alert, he can be put down for a bit. We are starting naps in the afternoon in his crib and he does quite well with that too. And sleeps in his crib during the night for a good 8-9 hours. After that I don't mind holding him :)