Tuesday, 31 January 2012

First Shots

So today was the day I was somewhat dreading.  Ethan had his first shots today.  Surprisingly he did well.  Of course, he screamed, but quickly settled down as I held him very close and tight to me.  I gave him some Advil (infant) to take the pain away and keep the fever down.  He is running a low grade fever, but nothing to be concerned about.

He slept for most of the day today and was in pretty good spirits considering the situation.  We had lots of smiles and cooing/laughs.  (Not really laughs, but they kinda sound like it lol).  

We went and visited a friend today. He slept the entire time we were there, but we still stared at him!  She has an Anatoulin Shepherd, and she is such a docile and beautiful dog.  I can't wait until Ethan can sit on her so we can take pictures :D

Afterwards, we went for a walk.  He slept again.  I figured the cool (warm lol) air would be good for him and for his fever.

I have discovered that he LOVES when we talk about his day.  He listens so intently, almost like he understands!  I read Grama's email to him as well and he just loved that too.  SO I guess it's time to finally whip out the books!  I am so excited to do that :)

I just love being a mom.  It's the greatest, rewarding feeling in the world.  He melts my heart.

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