Saturday, 28 January 2012

Eight Weeks Ago....

I was snuggling our newborn, welcoming him into this big world with the promise that I was going to take care of him for his lifetime.

Ethan is 8 weeks old today.  He has entered his third month of amazing me how far he has come since we first brought him home.  He has changed so much, but I only know through photo documentation.  He still feels the same to me and looks the same and smells the same (oh so yummy!).

We are working on daytime's not going so well.  He will sleep EXACTLY 30 minutes if he is alone, and two hours plus if he is on a person.  Really, I don't mind if he sleeps on me, but sometimes I have stuff to do - like use the bathroom, eat or pump!  When he does go down for those 30 minutes, I rush to get everything done because I know he is going to wake up.  Sometimes I wonder if he senses my anticipation of him waking.

The funny thing is, when he is at my mom's or mother in laws, he will sleep for two hours or more - in a crib.  It baffles me.  I must be REALLY exciting to be around :)

I found this article on the internet regarding baby sleep patterns and how they differ from ours.  I found it helpful in understanding how our little ones sleep.

He seems to have bedtime down pat though.  Last night was the first night we had an issue in over a month.  He woke up at 11pm and cried for about 5 minutes, then I put him back to sleep.  I want to start getting him down earlier because I know he needs the extra sleep, but I am going to wait until Ryan is on afternoons (1 week), that way I can spend time up in the nursery with him and not feel bad for being away for so long  The pups can hang out with us too :)

Happy (2 Month) Birthday Little Man!  Mommy LOVES you :)

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