Thursday, 19 January 2012

Random Thoughts...

I'm sitting here, it's 10:30pm and I'm not tired.  Ethan and Ryan are both passed out in their beds and I'm here thinking of what to do!  (Plus I have to wait about an hour before I need to pump again before I join Ryan in bed so I figured I'd blog some random thoughts from the past few days).

I seem to constantly come up with excuses as to why Ethan is fussy, crying, etc.  So my latest one is that he had some sort of stomach bug.  I had one a couple days ago, so automatically, I assume he did too.  Here is why:

       - he has not been eating much (maybe 1.5 oz per feeding).  NOW he is eating like a a fein. He downs  
         3 oz like nothing ( but no more - that's is number).

       - yesterday he just wanted to be cuddled.  He took a nap in the Moby Wrap for 3 hours.  I honestly
         don't mind, and i do feel bad that he is constantly napping in his crib, but in reality, walking around
         with 11 extra pounds strapped to my front is a bit heavy.  Plus he sleeps better when in his crib.

        - he has had massive explosive poops....and I mean huge.  To the point we had to strip him down and    
          wash him under the bathtub faucet.  Today he is back to normal.

        - he would cringe in pain out of nowhere and then let out a huge scream.  Now he is just dealing with

         - he would constantly cry, or whimper and just look at me with sad eyes.  Now he just screams at me

Maybe he didn't and if he did, I'm sure it could have been much worse.  He was also sweaty, and I thought he had a fever, but I tested and he didn't.  He is just a hot, sweaty baby! (like his dad).

I have decided to eliminate dairy out of my diet....I mean everything - milk, cheese, yogurt, anything hidden in foods.  I have an advantage because (a) I'm allergic to milk protein so I shouldn't be eating it anyway, and (b) Since I was a vegan for a year, I know most of the hidden dairy in most of the foods we eat.  We eat pretty healthy and pretty wholesome so there isn't too much that can hide in our foods. I'm hoping this helps with the gassiness for Ethan.  And if not, then it's just a bonus for me because I will feel better too!

We have a great night routine going on.  It goes something like this.

He wakes up from his afternoon nap and hangs out with Dad.  He gets changed, fed and played with.

After his bath (8:00pm), we go upstairs, and he gets his massage with the Dimpleskins Sweet Cheeks Body Balm in Vanilla & Lavender.  We play for a bit on his change table and we have this new's kind of odd, but he loves it.  We play with his tongue.  Yep.  I run my finger along his lips, and he sticks his tongue out and licks my finger.  I know, again, sounds weird, but whatever makes my boy happy!

When we are finished the tongue game, he gets wrapped in his swaddler and we hang out for a while.  I give him his last bottle, and he drinks what he can.  I still try to put him down at 9pm, but clearly it's not going to happen.  So we go downstairs and hang out with dad and AS SOON as 10pm hits, he is out like a light.... I mean turns into a limp noodle. So up in his crib he goes and we are good until about 4am.

SIDE NOTE:  It's great when I have friends working midnights at work because I can just call them up and I'll always have someone to talk to :)  I think I miss work a bit, but I am still happy to have a year off (possibly a bit more if I decide to go back next January).

When I put him down, I do my last pumping until he wakes up.  Since breast milk can stay out for 6-8 hours, it works out perfectly.  I bring that milk upstairs with me, and when he has his wake up at 4, I quickly warm it up under the tap to get it to room temperature, and he has his quick feed.  Since he doesn't take much, I am thinking his wake up is becoming a habit, but he is too young to assume that just yet.  I will give it 6 more weeks, and then try to wean him off the early morning feeding.

After I feed him, I go downstairs, pump and go back to bed until the morning...usually 7 or 8 a.m.  Then our day starts.  It's pretty boring since we are "sleep training" right now.  He sleeps a lot right now, and I put him down as soon as he starts to yawn.  I love when I can get him to nap downstairs, but there is too much stimulation and he doesn't get a proper nap.  So usually he is in his crib.  He does two cat naps (about 1 hour long) and then he does a nice long 3 hour nap.  And that brings us to the evening where it all starts again.

I have been going to the gym quite a bit.  Ryan is good for getting me out of the house.  I started back at yoga, and I love it.  I feel as though it will get my body toned back up and my insides to heal.  It is amazing that almost 7 weeks post partum, I am still sore.  My stomach feels raw inside and my back aches, but yoga stretched all that out and I feel so great. (I'm a little sore, but that's to be expected)  I'm hoping to make it to a class tomorrow, but if not then Saturday for sure.  I'm still constantly losing weight.  I am down another half pound since Monday. It feels good to know that I can lose the weight.  I would still like to lose 20 pounds after I lose the baby weight (4.5 pounds to go!), but I plan to take a few months to do that.

Our little guy is going to be 7 weeks in 2 days.  It's crazy how fast time flies.  The "books" say a baby reaches their peak for crying at 6 weeks, and I totally agree.  We reached that peak, and I'm looking forward to the downward slope.  Ethan is quite gassy and it seems as though now he is dealing with his gassiness.  He doesn't cry when he gets the gurgles.  I notice now he squirms less too.  I thought that maybe he was colic, but now I'm thinking not since we can console him very quickly.

He grows so much every day and his face changes week to week.  My little boy is growing so quickly and as sad as it is that pretty soon, he will no longer be a newborn, it's so exciting that we are going to be able to celebrate so many milestones in his future.

I love you baby!!!!

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