Wednesday, 11 January 2012


I have to admit, for the first few weeks, I didn't feel totally connected with my baby.  I loved him to death, but it felt like something was missing..... I don't know if it was because I was still learning who he was, or because of the delivery and drugs, baby blues, or what, but this week felt like a major turning point.  I think I really fell "in love" with Ethan.  I feel so connected to him, I am learning what his cries mean, respond quickly, and he seems to be happier.  He is cooing and looking into my eyes, and smiles!  He makes my heart melt.  I feel like I can really attend to him when he needs me most.  It's a feeling I can't even describe, but I'm sure you know the feeling if you are a mom.

I am reading a couple books, and I find that they are really helping.  The first one is "The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems".  She bases her book mostly on routine (not schedule).  We have been following it and Ethan seems to be a more content baby.  It's the E.A.S.Y method (Eat, Activity, Sleep, You time).  It is going very well.  She goes through other things too, and one thing that I think we are dealing with is reflux.  But we have been doing things to help him (like rubbing his back on the left side rather than patting) and he does not cry as much and takes his milk so much better with no vomiting.

The other book is "1001 Fun Ways to Play".  I was at a loss of what to do with a newborn, but there are some fun ideas on how to interact with baby.  For the first three months, there isn't too much to do, but I make funny faces for him to mimic - we are working on sticking the tongue out and smiling, he is starting to do it!

There is something else that I found to be VERY helpful. It's the Dunston Baby Language theory.

Babies have six distinct cries and each one means something.

* Neh=”I’m hungry”
* Owh=”I’m sleepy”
* Heh=”I’m experiencing discomfort”
* Eair=”I have lower gas”
* Eh=”I need to burp

It sounds funny, but I have been following what the cries sound like, and respond to what they are supposed to mean, and again, much happier baby.  The main ones I hear are "Neh", "Owh" and "Eh".  I heard "Eair" today, and it followed by a large poop.  

So all in all, we are doing good.  He makes me happy and I'm trying to make him happy as much as possible!  

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