Monday, 23 January 2012

Mommy Monday

I am assigning my mondays as "Mommy Monday".  This is the day where I am going to make my appointments, clean the house, attend Weight Watchers, go to the gym, shower AND wash my hair/straighten my hair, and hopefully meet with a friend for lunch or coffee.

I drop Ethan off at my mom's house between 8:30 - 9:00am, and go about my day.  Do I miss him?  Of course - as soon as I turn around and walk away I want to go right back in and grab him and bring him with me.... but I know he is in safe hands, and I know I need this time to myself.  Plus I think it's good for him, for socialization and for assurance that he can be without me for a bit only to find out I will be right back there to bring him home at the end of the day.

It's funny though, because on my Mommy Monday, I find that there is not enough time for me to do everything!  Today was pretty busy.  I had two appointments (OB and Eye).  My OB appointment was fine - I was cleared of good health, and according to their records, I have officially lost the baby weight.... now I just have to work on the extra 20 pounds I put on before I had the baby!  At my eye appointment, it was confirmed that my eyes changed - not so much in sight but in size....I know, weird.   I was having a problem seeing - it seemed as though I couldn't see as well, but it was due to my eye size changing and my contacts being too small.  Since my contact brand is discontinued, and I can't seem to find a pair that feels good on my eyes (I've always had a problem with other contact lens brands), I found THESE super cute Juicy Couture Eyeglasses (In Deep Plum) .  At Weight Watchers, I lost another 2 pounds, so a total of 5 pounds in 2 weeks :D

As for Ethan, I (we) saw a huge change in him today.  He was a HAPPY baby today.  He only cried when he was hungry or tired.  The smiles were constant and he was 'talking' a lot.  In his bath (favorite place to be these days), he saw Daddy and got a huge grin.  It's such a wonderful feeling.

I exchanged the baby monitor tonight.  We had the Safety 1st Digital 1st Monitor and it was a piece of crap.  We couldn't take the constant static it produced.  So I got the Graco Secure Digital Monitor.  I have to charge it  for 16 hours before I can even turn it on, but my mother in law has this one and it's great.   I think the best one is the one my mom has.  It's a really old one and it's crystal clear.  It's great.  If I could take that one I would!  But we will try this one out. We really don't use it much.  Just when we are downstairs while he goes down at 10pm and I turn it on when I pump in the middle of the night.  If he decides to nap in his crib during the day I use it as well.... but we are still working on those naps.  Regardless, it's nice to not have to hear static for those hours that it's on.

Now it's time for an episode of Dexter, a nice warm tea, and pretty soon a nice, cool & crisp bed :)  Let's home for another 10 hours of sleep tonight - yes you read that right....he has been sleeping for 10 hours nightly (with one feed)....before the feed, he sleeps a good 7 - 7.5 hours.  After the feed, he gets another good 3 - 3.5 hours.  I almost thing I got too much sleep because I had the "I slept too much I feel hung over" feeling.... or wait, maybe it's just the fact that I wasn't sleeping much and I'm just not used to it ;)

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  1. Hurray! Good for you having a day to yourself. I don't even have a baby monitor, but I live in a 2 br apartment, and it's easy to hear what is going on in other rooms.

    Haha I know the feeling on sleep, any time I get more than 4 hours in a row, I wake up feeling drunk and disorientated.