Sunday, 22 January 2012

Our day...

Today we had a fun day at Nonna's and Grandpa's house. (My dad doesn't want to be called Nonno because he's not Italian lol).  Ethan did pretty good there - had a nap, was happy when people held him.  Then he got cranky because he was tired and everybody was cooing at him.  So we packed up and went home.

He slept in his car seat for 4 hours...strapped in.  I felt bad because I figured he would only sleep for about 20 minutes.....then 20 minutes passed and I thought maybe an hour......well 4 hours later he woke up.  He was fine. I checked on him every 20 minutes and felt his body - he was not sweaty or hot.... cool as a cucumber!

During this time, I pumped and then had a nice relaxing glass of wine!  (Yes it's okay - I had plenty of time in between for the alcohol to leave my body.)

We had fun with the bath.  He really, really enjoys his baths at night.  I almost think he looks forward to them :)
 He did not like getting out of the tub however..... even when he was wrapped up in his 3Sprouts Monkey Towel.  It's super fluffy and cozy and absorbs the water so fast.  It's my favourite towel of his.

We went upstairs, he got his little massage...he liked that but was in no mood to play.  So I dressed him, swaddled him, sprayed his bedding with Saje Fairy Mist and brought him downstairs for his top up feeding.

I put him down at 9:30pm tonight.  He fussed by himself, let out a few little cries. When I went upstairs to check on him, he soothed himself back to sleep.  So I went downstairs.  He did it again 10 minutes later, so again, I ran upstairs, and peeked in his room, and he put himself back to sleep.  I think this is a little milestone - at least in my books it is!

Now I'm just hanging out with the pups and waiting to pump before I head to bed.....only to get up in 4 hours so I can pump again regardless if Ethan wakes or not.  This happened last night - I got up before he was up to pump and it worked out perfectly.  I went back to sleep and woke up a half hour later when he was hungry....fed him quickly and went right back to bed.

Lets hope tonight is an easy night as well.  He didn't eat too much today (I mean, he ate enough and more than he was eating before, but I'm not sure if he "tanked up" before bed).  In the Baby Whisperer, she mentions a dream feed, but the bugger goes down so late that I'm not going to wait until 1am to "dream feed him".... (this is done when the baby is still sleeping and in a very groggy sleep).  She also mentions to cluster feed 4 hours before bedtime.  So for example, he goes to bed at 10, so I would feed him a bottle at 5pm and 7pm, then do the dream feed at 11pm.  That doesn't work well so he gets fed at 6pm and 8pm, and then he tops up after his bath.  Works well so we're sticking to it!

I slacked in the photo department today.  I didn't take any at my moms and I didn't want to wake him in the carrier, so you only get bath photos tonight :)  They're cute so it's okay!!

Good night (in a half hour or so for me!)

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