Sunday, 4 March 2012

A small success story

As you know, Ethan and I have been working on nursing.  It's going well except he will only feed during the night and immediately after a nap..... WELL....

Tonight before bed, I gave him 1 ounce to put a bit in his tummy.  He didn't take it all and he actually ASKED to be nursed!  (Well not by words of course).

A little tidbit:  If you place your baby in the middle of your chest, he will cinch his way down and fall to the left or right.  AND if you forget which breast your nursed from last, your baby will tell you because they always go to the opposite breast.  They are way smarter than we thing!  They aren't just a cute little face you know :D

So I am on cloud 9.... I just hope this is a good sign that he is realizing that there is lots of food for him to eat and so much better than from a bottle.

Another nice thing is that I am pumping WAY less right now and it is wonderful.  I always try to pump 2 hours before he is going to nurse, and for the most part it seems to work out.  IF Ethan decides that he is going to nurse exclusively, I still need to have at least one good pumping session to stock up milk for Mommy Monday and Date Night Friday.  I'm thinking before bed would be a perfect time and in the morning after his first nursing session (because I get about 7 ounces AFTER he eats for 15 minutes... yes he nurses for 15 minutes max and then is satisfied).

So this is my main focus right now with him - nursing and lots and lots of contact - so holding, baby wearing, napping together in the afternoon.

Off to wash some diapers! (Check out those eyelashes - I'm jealous!)

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