Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My Little Coconut

Why is he my Coconut?  Because he smells like one!!  He has these dry patches on his legs and arms.  They don't seem to be eczema, just dry patches.  I have read that coconut oil is great for dry skin and as a bonus it smells great too!   There are many health benefits of coconut oil for babies.  You can read about them HERE.  So forget about baby oil and dig into the coconut oil.   Make sure it's raw (virgin, cold pressed) and organic.   It will cost you 3x the amount baby oil costs, but it's 100 times better and super healthy compared to baby oil.

Ethan was super fussy today.  We haven't had a day like this for awhile.   He was chomping on his fingers all day today too so I'm thinking it's his teeth.  Naturally, I misplaced his teething necklace and can't seem to find it, so I'll have to look better tomorrow - hopefully he lets me put him down for a bit so I can do that.

He has been waking up more often during the night, so I have decided to give him an extra 3 ounce bottle of pumped breastmilk during the evening.  I'm hoping this helps spread his waking a bit more evenly.  Last night he woke at 11pm, 3:30am and 6am, then 7:30am.  For the last week, he was waking at 11pm, 2am, 4am, 6am and 8am so it seemed to cut one feeding out.   He doesn't seem to want to eat much during the day and likes to stock up during the night and early morning :s .  It's fine, because it's literally 6-10 minutes of feeding and back to bed for both of us.  It's still tiring though.  As long as I can get a good solid 4 hour block of sleep, I'm good to go!

I wanted to take some pictures today, but cranky pants would only be crying in all of his photos, so clearly that wasn't going to happen.  I did manage to take this picture of his stinky feet though - I thought it was pretty cute!  (They aren't stinky, I just like saying that!).  Let's hope for a better day tomorrow!!

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