Saturday, 3 March 2012

My baby is 3 months old today!

Yep  -  3 months old :)

 He is doing so well, so many new things in such a short time (like 2 weeks).  Things he has done:

1.  He is nursing 80% of the day.  The only time we can't get him to nurse is right before bed.

2.  He rolled over today!  I propped him up on a pillow and he rolled to the side.  He did this about 15 times before tiring himself out lol.

3.  He has found his fingers - he tries to stuff them all in at one time and then gags.  That's ok....he will learn!

4.  He is liking his toys now.  He sits in the Bumbo until we take him out (I think he would hang out all day in it if he could but I'm worried about his neck).  And he loves the vibrating chair.

5.  He is getting interested in the dogs, food, anything we do.  He watches and takes it all in.

6.  He is laughing now.  We haven't gotten the belly laugh but he is doing these cute little giggles.

7.  He is grasping and holding things and brings them right into his mouth!

We decided to just keep him almost naked at home.  Our house is warm enough and he is so happy when he is just in a diaper shirt.  Thankfully we have a lot of cute ones!  By the end of the night he is just naked (with a diaper on). That is usually right before bed.  Then bath, bottle and pj time.

It seems as though it is getting harder for him to go to sleep at night, but when he is down he is out.  He has been getting up at 1 or 2am to nurse now too.  Then again at 6am.  The good thing is that I don't have to pump at night anymore :D  That makes it all worth it to me!

Tomorrow is going to be a lazy Sunday.   I'm going to work on some projects that have been lingering around and maybe we will watch a movie.

(Do you see all of that drool! )

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  1. aww cute :) yay for all of his milestones, it makes it so much more worthwhile.