Sunday, 18 March 2012

Hot Baby

Ethan has a fever.  :(  It's low grade (37.7) but it's on the cusp that it needs to be taken care of.  We stripped him, gave him some baby Advil and he had two cool baths.  We got it down to 36.8 but it went back up to 37.3.  He went down at 8pm so I haven't checked yet (it's 11:15pm).  He feels warm but not burning hot.

We think it may be from teething, although there are mixed reviews on the internet whether or not teething causes fevers.  He is acting normal for the most part (just a bit quiet), looked slightly pale, but eating, sleeping, peeing and pooping just fine - nothing really out of the ordinary there (except maybe eating really well with NO PUKE! Just a bit of spit - up)!! So that's why I think it's from teething.  I also read that when they are going through this, their immune system is lowered a bit, so they are more susceptible to illness, so maybe he is fighting something off.

I'll take his temperature when he wakes up for his mid-night feeding (and of course check him before I go to sleep).  Otherwise, he is doing great.  We went for a visit to a friends house (before we discovered the fever), and he was so great there.  He was a perfect, happy little baby.  Considering the ride out there was about 35 minutes, he did great in the car too.  I had to ride with him in the back seat on the way home, but hey, I really don't mind entertaining a cute little baby boy!!

I'll update tomorrow on how he is doing.  Poor bum :s  

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