Friday, 16 March 2012

Oh the Frustration!

So like I've posted before, breastfeeding is going well.  He gets one bottle a night - just before bed.  WELL... between 9am and 5pm, whenever he nurses, he vomits most of what he eats (or so it seams) at least twice... I have an oversupply and I'm thinking an overactive letdown, so that would make sense.  I have tried expressing beforehand, pumping before, shortening his feeds a bit (down to 8 minutes now) and still nothing is working.  I am going to give it another few days, but if it continues, I don't know if I can deal with this every day.  It's not fair to Ethan or myself (or my washing machine!).  The thing is, it doesn't affect him in any way.  He doesn't cry, look startled, annoyed, nothing.  He just continues on with what he was doing - laughing, playing, resting, whatever.

We have no issues throughout the night and first feeding in the morning, so I'm not really sure what's going on.  He has many heavy, wet diapers and at least two soiled diapers daily, so he is obviously eating enough, it's the vomiting that concerns me..... unless he is just a puker.  It just doesn't seem as bad with bottles, which, in reality, just doesn't make sense!

It took so much work to get where we are, and now that we are here, it's seems to be going the wrong way.

On a happy note, Ethan discovered the exersaucer and has a blast in it!  (notice the pukey face in most of these photos?  'sigh')

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