Wednesday, 28 March 2012

La Leche League

Tonight, I attended my second LLL meeting.  For those of you who don't know about La Leche, they are a group of women, all mothers who breastfeed, have breastfed or tried to breastfeed, and they are all there for support.  It's wonderful to hear everybody's story, triumphs, hurdles, etc.  I am so happy I found this group and I really wished that I joined with them before having Ethan because if I did, I could have avoided many "booby traps" that I fell into and we probably would not have so many problems with breastfeeding as we currently do (although it gets better by the week!)  They meet every last Wednesday of the month.  Tonights topic was Challenges and Obstacles of Breastfeeding - perfect!  And I met a mother who is having the exact same problems as I was having/still having.  It's so nice to know I'm not alone and that I'm not the only one who is experiencing what I am experiencing.  Nursing is so important to me, more so than people realize I think.  The fact that I can nurse Ethan as much as I am doing is so rewarding to me because I know  the efforts that I put into it were long and hard, but in the end we figured it out.

Anyway, its great to have this sort of support group and to meet other moms and to just have a night out!  I would normally bring Ethan, but it's from 7:15-9:15 and he is in bed by 7:30, so he gets a bit cranky.  Maybe when he is a bit older I'll bring him again so he  can play with the other kids.  For now, I'll just treat it as a mommy night out!

As a side note, look who I found in Ethan's Pack 'n' Play yesterday.  Bugger!  It took every ounce for me not to laugh, but as I turned the corner into the kitchen I couldn't help myself!  He was stuck in there and scared that he got caught!  I physically had to remove him lol.

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