Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Week 38

So I got some great news today - now while it may sound petty, it's a big deal to me :)  The doctor checked me today and I am one centimetre dilated.  Considering I had zero progress last Wednesday, I think this is a good sign.  I will continue to bounce on my exercise (birth) ball and roll my hips around, plus I plan to do some super hard core cleaning..... hand scrub the floors maybe??  Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

Now that I know my body is truly preparing for labour, I feel less miserable and irritated, and more excited to get things going.  And the fact that he mentioned that we will talk about induction next week, I really want to have things happen before then.  If it happens to go that far, I will refuse pitocin and an Amniotomy (breaking waters) ...unless medically necessary.  I am okay with  Membrane Stripping however.

So keep your fingers crossed and hopefully we can have a baby by or on Wednesday before dealing with this other "new" stuff!!  Can you see his face in the photo - see those chubby cheeks!!!!

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  1. my nephew is the cutest!!! see you soon my little cutie! oh yeah and you too Steph ;) heheh xoxo