Friday, 18 November 2011

Baby Shower and Update

We had our Baby Shower on Sunday, and I have to say, we are totally all set for this little baby boy to come into our lives.  I want to thank everyone for their generosity and kindness to help us start our new family life out.

I have to admit, we received quite a bit of items, but our house, thankfully, is not cluttered at all.  Everything has a place and his room is soooo cute!  I am waiting for our never-arriving decals to come in and put up, and then I'll post a picture of the nursery..... it just doesn't feel complete without them.  The seller from is sending out another set and should be here by next week via express post.  So I have my fingers crossed!

Once I get some photos, I'll post them up here from the shower.

There were a few items that I was really excited to get, however, all the gifts received were just what we wanted/needed.  We got a few extra things that I didn't register for, which made things even more exciting because, well they are just fun/cute.  One example is the LeapFrog My Pals Scout! I started to play with this little guy last night, but gave up because I think I need to connect to a PC and didn't feel like walking to the other side of the room to Ryan's laptop (I have a Mac).

Some really cool items that we got, I'd like to share:

The Uppa Baby Stroller
Grovia AIO Cloth Diapers
Baby Brezza Food Steamer/Puree Machine
Skip/Hop Treetop Friends Bedding
MamaRoo Swing


Had an OB appointment on Wednesday, and so far, there is no real change.  Cervix is a bit softer and dropped a bit, but nothing that is showing labour signs.  I had the "go-ahead" to resume normal activities starting today, 36 weeks along, so I have been using some Organic Jasmine essential oils on the belly (which is supposed to help with stretch marks as well) and walking.  I went to the gym after about 2 months, and boy, can I feel it.  I was able to do half an hour (with breaks) and called it quits.  It's nice to get back into a routine, I'm still taking it easy, but definitely more active, and it's wonderful.

I will now be seeing my OB weekly, and at the hospital weekly too - at the hospital, one week is just a non-stress test (where they see the baby's heart beat and watch for exceleration as he moves/kicks), and then the following week is the ultrasound/biophysical profile and non stress test.  So Wednesday's are definitely busy busy mornings for me!

I want to do one more good cleaning of the house in the next couple weeks, and then I have to say, I'm ready...... I mean, I would be ready now, but I wouldn't mind another week or two just to get some things right in order - house wise.

We have a busy weekend coming up.  Tonight we are going out to Centro for Ryan's birthday (33!!) and then tomorrow day/night is a very good friend's wedding, and Sunday/Monday night is more birthday celebrations (yes, they go on for a week around here!)  I think I'm going to eat lots of spicy foods this weekend!!!


  1. Gotta get our house in order too! The baby's room is still a mess, have to get out the baby clothes and get them washed, and clean the house! We'd also like to make an ice rink in the backyard for Simon this winter so we can play outside and not have to leave the house. Too much to do and I'm huge and don't feel like doing any of it! I'm impressed that you're so organized and energetic!

  2. Your dad was telling me about the ice rink....that would be so cool!

    Since our little "scare" I have been trying to get everything done. I'd rather just sit and wait then be frantic getting things together at the last second.... I don't function well in that state! Car seat is going in today and we already have the MamaRoo out in the living room ready for him...

    I'd say almost every room is done and organized, and the house just needs one final cleaning. Ryan still has to put up the closet in the hallway, and then I can clear out my sewing/guest room. I decided that when I do go into labour I'll clean the house :)

    Decals should be in today or tomorrow at the latest so after that, the nursery is complete. I'm hoping they go up pretty easily...

    Can't wait to meet my second nephew!