Saturday, 5 November 2011

Threatened Pre-Term Labour

Yes..... this is now what I am dealing with :(

I was in the hospital for most of yesterday, in OB Triage.  I started with contractions on Thursday night around 7pm.  They were coming every 10 minutes on the dot.  I was going back and forth whether or not I should go to the hospital, but decided to wait until the morning.

I did not wake up too much during the night, but when I did, it was during a contraction.  Ryan also said that I was very restless too.

Well, morning came, and my contractions ended up being 5 minutes apart and much stronger.  I started to get a bit concerned, so I called my doctor's office, and they told me to go to OB Triage right away.  So I had my dad drive me.

I was put on a monitor and asked a bunch of questions, examined and sent home.  They said to come back if the contractions got worse..... they did.

I ended up back at OB Triage at around 5pm and again, and not only was I having the contractions, but I was also nauseated and very flushed.  They hooked me up to the monitors and my contractions were going off the page (figuratively not literally).  I was examined again and it showed that my cervix was still closed but becoming soft.  The doctor on call said that I could go either way - either full blown labour or threatened labour.  He said that if it was to happen, they wouldn't stop the labour because there would be no point this late in the pregnancy, however, they did want to try and prolong it.

I was stuck with an IV and they started a sugar water drip along with penicillin in case I was to go into labour.

 Due to the gestational diabetes, they fed me as well..... it wasn't horrible, but considering it was hospital food, it was alright.

My mom was there with me keeping me company and telling me that whatever happens, it's going to be alright..  Then Ryan came and that seems to be when all the good news came....

After a couple hours, the contractions seemed less apart but still just as strong.  I was checked again 4 hours later, and my cervix showed no signs of change.  I was prescribed Prometrium and sent home on 'almost' bed rest.  I can still do things, but nothing that over exerts myself.  And thankfully, this is only for 2 weeks, and THEN, I can do whatever I can to allow Baby D to make his grand entrance!!

So as of now, I should be able to attend my own baby shower lol.  I am still having contractions, but they are back to 20 - 30 minutes apart and not as intense as they were yesterday.  I am taking it easy for a few days and allowing the medication to do what it needs to do.  Luckily it causes drowsiness so it shouldn't be too bad squeezing a few naps in the day ;)


  1. That is nuts Steph!! I am so glad you are okay and that Baby D is okay, when we get together in a few weeks we will take it easy, if you make it that long... ahh it is getting so close. Can't wait for the grand entrance!

  2. haha - yah maybe you can hold a baby while I shower ;) He should hold out for a couple weeks. Looking forward to spending some time together though :D