Saturday, 6 August 2011

Things are getting in order!

So I have completed the registry's.  We've decided to register at Bump Maternity + Baby and Babies R Us. I am really happy that I found everything at those two stores, makes life easier!  I also ordered the shower invitations off of (awesome place to shop!!).

Other than that, there hasn't been much going on.  The rest of the nursery has to be painted.  I was going to do an accent wall of either blue or pink wall paper, we decided to paint it white as well and decorate the walls with decals (from as well!).  I found the bedding for the nursery and when I went to look at decals, someone has the exact same bedding up with matching decals - so that totally made our day!

I am feeling fine, starting to feel movement outside the belly now, so it should only be a matter of time that Ryan can feel him moving too.  There seems to be lots of movement going on so it's pretty cool (and sometimes weird!) to feel.  I am loving every second of it though.

I have my next prenatal appointment on Wednesday so I can get the results from the ultrasound.  The tech said everything looks good and he is right on schedule for weight and height, so I guess the doctor is just going to confirm that :D

Above is a picture of what we are planning on doing with the nursery - I love it!


  1. Eshai can feel the baby this week. It's kicking so hard!

  2. You seem so organized. I've done nothing to prepare for baby... Nathan keeps saying we have lots of time! Reading your blog is starting to make me feel like we should be doing a lot more!!!


  3. Annik, all I'm going to say is.... I'm a virgo lol. If it was possible for me to have everything done a month ago, it would have been done :) In reality, that obviously cannot happen so I try to do as much ahead of time as possible. I cannot imagine doing all these reno's and projects at 8 months pregnant lol!!!