Monday, 15 August 2011

Project! Homemade baby wipes

So if you know me, you know that I'm a bit crafty.  And since I am going with the cloth diapers, I thought, why not make some baby wipes to go with them....I mean it only makes sense.  I'll be doing laundry every day anyway, so why not add a few more items in the machine :)  Actually, I am making them because if you read up on it, (another thing I like doing - research!), baby wipes are not very good for your babies bottom.

So, onto the project:

First, you need to get some terry cloth towels (old or new), and some flannel (receiving blankets are awesome to use and cheap and cute too!)

Next, you have to cut a template out - I used an 8" square, because that is what will fit in the baby wipes warmer (yup, Baby D is going to be a little spoiled in that department !)

Cut out the flannel and the towel with the template....note my love note from Ryan this morning :)   Make sure you cut out an even number of squares from each material.  From one 30" x 30" flannel sheet, I got 9 squares.  I also bought a package of 8 washcloths and cut a middle square out of each of those.

 Next, pin your fabrics wrong sides together (one of flannel and one of towel).

Once you have your stack of baby wipes pinned together, you are ready to sew them together!

If you have a serger, it's a good idea to use that.  Since I do not have one, I have a similar stitch on my sewing machine, and I often use this in place of a serger - I just have to do some extra trimming.  Whatever stitch you use, make sure you have enough space covered so there is no room for little holes or for the wipes to fall apart.

Once the wipe is sewn, trim your edge (if needed) and voila!

There are many different homemade solutions you can make to soak the wipes in.  Just google search natural baby wipe solutions and you will see what suits your needs best for your baby.

Happy wiping :D


  1. Wow, you're really crafty! I love the idea, but don't have a sweing machine, nor can I sew!