Friday, 29 July 2011

It's a Boy!

We are proud to announce that Baby D is going to be a baby boy! It was so exciting to see every little part of him - from head to toe.

The ultrasound was a good 45 minutes and the technician was very nice.  When it came to determining the sex, his little boy parts were very clear and easy to see...

From what the tech said, without saying too much, everything looks good and the size of him is right on tract with my due date.  My due date has changed to December 17th, however, that was the original due date that was given to me.

We had our parents and some close friends over tonight to celebrate and reveal what the gender of the baby was and everything went well and as planned.  They were generous enough to bring some gifts as well, totally unexpected but very appreciated :)

Here are a few pictures of tonights events.
Grandma & Nonna reveal the baby's sex

Party People!

Me & my mom

Me and Ryan

Rocking Horse gift from my parents

Some cute pj's from Italy from my mom
Gift from Ryan's parents

Blanket, Rattle and Sleepers from Ronda & Nathan

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